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The Sims 4 Feedback List


Lots of us like to keep our Mods folder organised by having each mod in their respective folders, which is a very well known method within the Sims community, a life saver if I may say. For example:

[...] Mods > Mod Name Folder > ModName.ts4script

[...] Mods > CC Folder > Hairstyles Folder > CCName.package

Unfortunately, even after downloading the mods directly from CurseForge and organising them manually into folders, it just removes the fact it was downloaded on CurseForge, so the auto-updates will possibly never go through, totally losing compatibility.

Downloading from CurseForge and simply renaming the folders where the mods came in also loses compatibility.


Then there's the big chaos; automatic and manually installed cc & mods are appearing scattered all together, as if they never belonged to any folder, which is kind of overwhelming. If we have CC folders, with more folders inside, we would love it to appear as is, to dive into the folders ourselves within CurseForge, without losing compatibility.


I understand why tray files are appearing since CurseForge has the ability to download households, builds, etc. But these should be separated completely from Mods.


Sometimes we like to toggle some mods off depending of our gameplay mood, but we don't want to get rid of them, we still want them! An option to toggle them would be great, aside of a filter to indicate those that are on and off.


I see that there's a possibility to have ModPacks within CurseForge's app, would it be possible to have the same for The Sims 4? For example, let's say a modder that creates a bunch of CC would like to create a huge ModPack with it, would be very handy.


A lot of Simmers aren't aware that they can't interact with the CurseForge app until the refresh button indicates it has finished, so maybe a small tool tip to indicate this could be helpful, or add some kind of compatibility to still work on your mods whilst it's refreshing.

Hopefully I have spoken on behalf of the Sims community, by enlisting the feedback from most to least important. I'm not sure if these posts can be edited after being posted, but if so, I'll add anything that I could have possibly missed.
I would also like to spread my appreciation towards the transparency CurseForge is having until now, with the updates and willing to listen to our suggestions, so thank you!
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  • Dec 7 2022
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  • Dec 8, 2022

    Admin response

    Thank you for taking the time to list all these ideas!

    Happy to share that our product team went over them all and they are all planned to be added as we improve the app.

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  • Guest commented
    25 Jan 06:29pm

    Yes, please allow folder compatiability. I hate having to scroll through all my cc to check what mods are currently downloaded.

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 05:23pm

    i suddendly found the curseforge downloads were i would never place them into- just directly into the the mods folder- but thats wrong! the most of us use subfolders to divide scribt mods from cc to see what we have and what must be uptadatet or changend in sims4studio. sorry but as long curseforge could not work with the structutre of your folder like sims4studio, simstrayimporter or betterexeptions from twisted mexi as long it will be useless - coause sooner or later some mod will be wrong downloadet crash your game and you dont no why cause there is no visibly structure and timeline when you loadet down this stuff!

  • Guest commented
    11 Jan 04:40pm

    I prefer to adding another catalog to seperate TRAY and MODS files as 'my mods' and 'get more mods' in the homepage, which will be more convenient for management.

  • Guest commented
    9 Jan 06:01am

    I was so worried this wasn't going to be implemented, I'm glad to see that it is already being addressed haha

  • Cera Giles commented
    4 Jan 10:32pm
    Can we also have it to were we can click on the modder Profile and see all the mods and CC they have made. And make it to where we can download a Group of mods or CC from that modder.
  • Anita Frank commented
    31 Dec, 2022 01:31am

    I completely agree. Curseforge also needs to scan the subfolders for existing content, not just the main mods folder - otherwise we can get tons of duplicate custom content that we already had from another source (such as the author's Patreon or Tumblr).

  • Anita Frank commented
    31 Dec, 2022 01:12am

    Along this line, I would also like to suggest that Curseforge be able to search within the subfolders on user prompt to help us avoid duplicates, so that duplicates could be marked as already installed or duplicate.

  • toxxic commented
    21 Dec, 2022 08:44am

    if you can't put them into sub folders we already have, i would at least like one "curseforge" folder that it would all go into to make it easier to find them for someone like me who has a lot of mods.

  • Lissette Romina commented
    19 Dec, 2022 01:26am

    I have my mods directly in the mods folder, but all my cc is categorized by creator so I go to their pages or patreon to update everything once a month, I would love they implement at least subfolders for each creator to make the update process easier.

  • Karen Ash commented
    18 Dec, 2022 11:25pm

    I guess this isn't going to change anytime soon, which means it is useless for me because I have all of my mods in subfolders. I thought maybe this was something they would fix right away but apparently not.

  • S-j Parker commented
    14 Dec, 2022 10:46pm

    Please, please, please implement at least subfolders for each creator - I have several 1000 files in the toplevel of the Mods folder right now - and have only just started using CurseForge - it's nasty! ;)

  • Draiath Drai commented
    12 Dec, 2022 01:42pm

    I'd even take being able to have mods sorted under a folder with the mod creators name at least if more detailed sorting is not possible.

  • Diana Ricketson commented
    10 Dec, 2022 09:04pm

    Yes, right now your CurseForge mods/cc won't be reconigzed it is one folder below where it is put - can we please change that as I would like one folder in the mod for CurseForge Mods and another one for the ones I manullay download.

  • Guest commented
    10 Dec, 2022 05:57pm

    I love this post! I love the idea of the mod hub... But I cannot stand my mods folder being unorganized! So, if there is a way be able to keep it organized and it being to recognize which folder it is in... Or somehow give access to decide where the download should go.. Because it is also creating duplicate mods!

  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2022 09:57am

    Just commenting to say you certainly spoke for this simmer! This is everything I've thought of so far that I've wanted out of the curseforge launcher, and I'm super happy that the mod team has listened!

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