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Lots of us like to keep our Mods folder organised by having each mod in their respective folders, which is a very well known method within the Sims community, a life saver if I may say. For example:

[...] Mods > Mod Name Folder > ModName.ts4script

[...] Mods > CC Folder > Hairstyles Folder > CCName.package

Unfortunately, even after downloading the mods directly from CurseForge and organising them manually into folders, it just removes the fact it was downloaded on CurseForge, so the auto-updates will possibly never go through, totally losing compatibility.

Downloading from CurseForge and simply renaming the folders where the mods came in also loses compatibility.


Then there's the big chaos; automatic and manually installed cc & mods are appearing scattered all together, as if they never belonged to any folder, which is kind of overwhelming. If we have CC folders, with more folders inside, we would love it to appear as is, to dive into the folders ourselves within CurseForge, without losing compatibility.


I understand why tray files are appearing since CurseForge has the ability to download households, builds, etc. But these should be separated completely from Mods.


Sometimes we like to toggle some mods off depending of our gameplay mood, but we don't want to get rid of them, we still want them! An option to toggle them would be great, aside of a filter to indicate those that are on and off.


I see that there's a possibility to have ModPacks within CurseForge's app, would it be possible to have the same for The Sims 4? For example, let's say a modder that creates a bunch of CC would like to create a huge ModPack with it, would be very handy.


A lot of Simmers aren't aware that they can't interact with the CurseForge app until the refresh button indicates it has finished, so maybe a small tool tip to indicate this could be helpful, or add some kind of compatibility to still work on your mods whilst it's refreshing.

Hopefully I have spoken on behalf of the Sims community, by enlisting the feedback from most to least important. I'm not sure if these posts can be edited after being posted, but if so, I'll add anything that I could have possibly missed.
I would also like to spread my appreciation towards the transparency CurseForge is having until now, with the updates and willing to listen to our suggestions, so thank you!
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  • Dec 7 2022
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  • Dec 8, 2022

    Admin response

    Thank you for taking the time to list all these ideas!

    Happy to share that our product team went over them all and they are all planned to be added as we improve the app.

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  • Tina Brignac-Judon commented
    16 Mar 11:22pm

    Please, and Thank you.

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 01:21am

    I copied this and put it on the unistall survey when i got rid of cursed forge - maybe if we all did this they will listen. if no one is using thier service they'll have to take action surely?

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 12:41am


    When can we expect an update on this? It is hard to find a mod that is impacting game play when they are cluttered. Curseforge needs to be able to read that mods downloaded from CF are there just in folders.

  • R Slutzky commented
    2 Sep, 2023 08:21pm

    +1, especially toggling. That would be so helpful.

  • Guest commented
    29 Aug, 2023 11:44pm

    I see there's been no addition of any of these features over the past 9 months & now if you sort the files manually it creates an error with the Cursforege app where you have to reinstall every mod or the game will not open. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks I've had to reinstall everything, I will be uninstalling the app after this as I have way too many things to keep having to reinstall because the file was moved.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jun, 2023 10:29am

    Why is my mods working with the clothing and that but not my build/buy? can anyone help

  • cherly commented
    9 May, 2023 08:45pm

    Damn! I wish I would have read this before I made the switch. I do love that I can hit one button to update my mods,however, the folders are gone! I already made the switch and I can't wait to an update on this.

  • Anita Frank commented
    8 May, 2023 07:56am

    Yes, why is it we cannot use the same category search on our mods that we do when looking for new mods? Several of us have more old content on our system than new content, the idea here was supposed to have Curseforge "organize" them and keep them up to date. So now we have to choose between having our files organized, and having them up to date.

    More importantly: If there is more than one CAS background screen in the game, or more than one loading screen in the game, it can break the game until the duplicates are removed. We need to be able to see where these might be installed without searching through 100 files for the descriptions or having to delete or rename the whole mods folder when there are two or mods creating game-breaking conflicts.

  • Elin Johanesen commented
    24 Apr, 2023 03:40pm

    When it stands my mods in CurseForge its really not. It is showing lots of my builds and loads of my character i created. Why do you got acess to them ? I downloaded mc command and simda date ap. and they do not show under mods

  • Stefanie Jänsch commented
    18 Apr, 2023 10:16am

    I love your app. The only quite annoying thing is that if I want to install a new mod or update a mod with the app, I am asked to download the EA App again and again and again and again ... Is there any way of quitting that? Besides, I wait patiently for all your great ideas to become reality ... This is much better than all other available mod apps - with great potential.

  • Guest commented
    15 Apr, 2023 04:21pm

    I wanna say that these features being missing are all why I haven't made the switch. I'm very picky about my folder structure, and I need to be able to sort things, which has led to me sticking with manually downloading and updating everything.

  • Guest commented
    31 Mar, 2023 09:03pm

    Just started trying the curseforge app (vs traditional modding installation via folder creation in game file) and totally agree with this feedback. With many mods in use, we need folders to organize our files please. I'll use it for now for the auto update ability.

  • Guest commented
    27 Mar, 2023 12:57pm

    Yeah lack of folders has meant I uninstalled the app for the reasons other have stated. I thought you would be able to browse by folders/category in the actual app too instead of having this big unorganised list. It's much easier for me to just organise them via folders than using this app unfortunately.

  • Elanor Critchley commented
    14 Mar, 2023 03:15pm

    The only thing stopping me from using CurseForge is the inability to organise my mods into folders! I need it to be organised so I can more easily troubleshoot issues and make navigating mods easier as a whole. I hope they add support soon so I can finally use CurseForge for the majority of my mods!

  • Guest commented
    12 Mar, 2023 04:16pm

    I have tried using curseforge today for the first time ever, it's a big change as I've been modding since Sims 2. I cannot deal with the chaos in my mods folder, I cannot tell what's already there from before curseforge and what's new and when I organise it the auto-update is gone which is the only reason I was interested. It needs to be able to identify when you already have a mod, auto-update wherever they're placed and let you have sub-folders or it's absolutely useless. Uninstalled already.

  • Guest commented
    9 Mar, 2023 10:43pm

    This! I'm stopping my use of Curseforge already because of the chaos. My mod folder is out of control, I can't hide gallery/library items (why? are they here?), and the years I've spent cultivating my organization system REALLY hits me in the wrong way. But I'd love to keep using Curseforge for the auto-updating, because that's my least favorite task after every update

    I need some way to like, organize my files in Curseforge, or I'm gonna have to go back to manually managing my mods for my own sanity.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb, 2023 05:26pm

    yes! This is an amazing idea as it takes soo long when you download a lot of mods haha

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb, 2023 01:57am

    I'd just like to second my support for this. As it stands, Curseforge is unusable without subfolder support.

    This game has been out for a decade, and by now many of us have several gigabytes of mods and custom content, all neatly organized into folders so we can easily identify broken mods quickly, and update as required.

    The fact that Curseforge expects me to not only search for these mods I already have (and they don't show up at the top of the list! Why is LittleMsSam's "No Sick Dirty Sad Hungry Pets" on the sixth row of search results, when I search for the mod's exact name???) and then I have to manually download each mod one by one just so the app recognizes that I got them from here. They're the same file names as the mods I already have! What's the point of scanning my mods folder when it doesn't recognize that I already have these mods?

    So now I have to redownload and then reorganize my entire mods folder, every single time I want to update--and the app doesn't recognize that they need updating, because it can't see into subfolders.

    This app should recognize filenames several folders deep. That's the baseline functionality I need to continue using this app. Because otherwise I may as well just continue to dl directly from the mod creator's websites, which I already have bookmarked.

    It's all well and good having an officially-recognized mod source. But why would I stick around when you're less convenient than the methods I was already using?

  • Dreama Wright commented
    10 Feb, 2023 07:50am

    Please yes I wanted to start using this today but upon finding I can't choose what folder it downloads in it's completely useless for me

  • Makeda Fyah commented
    9 Feb, 2023 10:02pm

    It's a major problem to have tray items showing up in the same list as mods. I'm seeing pretty much every random sim I've ever made in there, alongside piles of sims saved to my library merely so I could find bad CC that I needed to delete.

    We need an assortment of filtering options here.

    lots, households, gallery vs library items, library items that have a match on curseforge vs those that don't.

    • As in, let me 'exclude / filter out / hide' anything that doesn't have a matching file on either the gallery or curseforge so that I'm not looking at all my random junk.

    Need sorting options - date, alphabet, tags, whatever.

    As others have said - Mods need to be able to explore into subfolders.

    I suggest the team play around with the 'Vortex' and 'Mod Manager' tools popular in Skyrim for design ideas (good and bad).

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