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Add a filter for official CurseForge mods, a filter for non-CurseForge mods, and a filter to exclude gallery items.

I'll find adding a filter useful since I have a lot of non-CurseForge supported mods in my mods folder, which appears on the "My Mods" page, which makes it difficult to find the CurseForge mods you installed since it's buried with non-CurseForge mods.

I also found lots & sims I downloaded on the gallery on the "My Mods" page which is unnecessary since those aren't mods, and since those aren't mods, it clogs up a lot of space, which makes it hard to find mods you downloaded.

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  • Dec 7 2022
  • Planned
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for the suggestion! We're planning to add these features.

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    6 Jan 10:37am

    The fact that this still isn't implemented is honestly kinda sad. It feels like this is a VERY basic feature of a mod manager, and the fact that it wasn't included at launch but the button for it was (with a "coming soon" tooltip) makes it feel like it just wasn't finished. Then again, I suppose that's par for the course with EA stuff, so maybe I should blame them instead of CF.

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    18 Dec, 2022 12:15am

    This is a great idea!