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Selecting Forge and Fabric in the filters.

The site is very inconvenient to understand where the Forge and Fabric mods for Minecraft are. Add a tag in the search so that users can tell which version they need. The new beta design doesn't have this feature.

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  • Dec 10 2022
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  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    You have the option to filter by Mod Loader in the search page, choosing the game version after, does filter by it. If you see a wrong version in the list after, it's a visual bug we will fix, but enter the files of the mod you found and you should see the specific version you were looking for exists there too.

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  • montuos montuos commented
    27 Dec, 2022 04:45pm

    @Arttie Faust It's going to be ok, I think. Several weeks ago I noticed a banner to test a new version for the website, and that does have separate filters for category, mod loader, and game version now.

    I don't see that banner on the normal website anymore, but I still have that tab in my browser, so maybe this link will work for you too:

  • Arttie Faust commented
    27 Dec, 2022 07:09am

    It seems the devs missunderstood what we want, On the website I would like the option to IDK. Select a modloader and then gameversion so I don't have to go o.o shiny, then curse finding it only works up to 1.4 mc.

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