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Curse Forge needs an additional filter option for Minecraft Modloaders.

Currently Curse Forge will let you pick a game version that for some reason includes modloaders. Modloaders are dependent on different versions of minecraft so it makes no sense to treat them the same and put them in the same filter.

This makes it harder to make modpacks. Mods needs specific versions of minecraft and a specific modloader simultaneously. So why not let us choose these separately so we can make modpacks easier and discover new mods.

It should go like this:

  1. Pick the game version.

  2. Pick the modloader

  3. Sort by Popularity/Last Updated/Name/Date Created/Total Downloads

  4. Filter by category

Fabric is becoming more popular but currently Curse only has Fabric as its own category that lists all fabric mods with no acknowledgment to the fact that Fabric mods can easily fit in a variety of different categories i.e. magic, world generation, tech, API, etc.

This seems like a simple fix and can streamline the search a bit more as more modloaders are made in the future.

  • Heavy K
  • Jan 27 2021