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Separate filters for minecraft mod search (MC version, Java version, Modloader)

Current state

On there a filter allowing to search for mods compatible with specific version. However this filter only provide one version type for three distincts versions: Minecraft Version, Java Version and Modloader platform.

The issue

If someone want to add a mod to his modpack. He must choose a filter between minecraft version and modloader. And get tons of junk results.

Example: Someone want to add a mod to his current forge modpack in MC 1.15

  • if he select minecraft 1.15 he get result for Fabric and Rift mods even if they are incompatible

  • If he select Forge he will get results for all minecraft version. Even if the mod is unavaillable for for MC 1.15. (Or is only availlable for Fabric or Rift for this version)

My idea

Separte filters for the Game version (ie: Minecraft version), the modloader platform and the environment version (ie: Java version). So we can use all these filters at the same time and only display mods compatible with X modpack running on a Forge Minecraft 1.15.

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  • Jul 23 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Ben McLaurin commented
    23 Apr, 2023 01:45pm

    I just discovered you can filter on the website? Seriously?

  • Ben McLaurin commented
    23 Apr, 2023 01:42pm

    This is really a no brainer. Right now I want to find a new mod pack for fabric and the application is useless. I have to use google then go back to see if the pack is in the app.

  • Jenny Sutherland commented
    3 Feb, 2023 11:06pm

    I came here to suggest we have at least the MC version (eg 1.19.2) AND the API type (forge/fabric/etc). Hope this bumps the idea and flags it as still an issue. And that's just on the website let alone the curse launcher

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