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Better Categories for searching for mods (Specifically Minecraft)

Basically, the categories have some overlap. I think all the existing categories should have 5 or 6 overarching categories (this could be "items and blocks" "world generation" "mobs and entities" etc) and then within those large categories could be smaller distinctions.

For instance, you could go into items and then see "tools & weapons" "food" "redstone" and then be able to be much more specific about what you're looking for.

Also the drop down where you pick the version... why is forge and paper within the same drop down? They should be in their own separate drop down.

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  • Feb 12 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for suggesting this idea, and also to all the ideas merged nesting under it. We will go through each suggestion and consider the most relevant ones to be added in the future.

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  • Chery hope commented
    3 Feb 12:08am

    a labled search would be amazing! it would be even better if we could specify modpacks by which ones have cirtain mods or cirtain tags maybe even a filter for ones you dont want to be included for example lightmans currency and cooking for blockheads will be searched filtering out any with create mods then add tags like pvp and it could litterally find the perfect modpack/server for you

  • A Name IWont Give commented
    7 Aug, 2023 09:30pm

    It is unbelievable that this hasn't either crossed a developer's mind nor been implemented. It's been over 2 years now, what are y'all doing?

  • Guest commented
    29 Jun, 2023 12:23pm
    it was brought here but having a client category is really important a golden category that allows you to have mods that don't need to be on the serv I'm looking forward to it

    (since 21.08.21 this idea is given but it is still not implemented ???)
  • Guest commented
    29 Jun, 2023 01:24am

    Would be increadible if you can put 'operators' in search bar like "", *, +.

    For example, when use double quotes like "alex mobs" you will able to find a specific mod... will be a strict search. Instead, in the case of use alex mobs* you will able to find any mod with every word after 'alex mobs'.
    Finally, when using + you will able to add tags on search, like alex+biomes so in the results you can find every mod that has "alex" or "biomes" in their name

    This could be a increadible feature in minecraft curseforge or every project in curseforge

  • Guest commented
    26 May, 2023 05:45pm

    Please require mods to specify if they are required to be installed on the server, client, or both! This would make it so much easier for the end user to know what they are dealing with without having to hope the modmaker posted that or have to ask them and wait for a response!

  • yggdrasil curties commented
    28 Jan, 2023 07:44pm

    a proper tagging system, with tag voting. similar to nexus where mods have to have 3 votes for a tag to apply and any user can vote with the author overruling the users.

    also, vastly more tags. and a tag filtering system. both blacklisting and whitelists, as well as general searching by it. have users able to suggest new tags on the main site and once enough votes exist for the tag and it has been suggested in enough mods it can be made "official". nexus had this in the backend but it was rarely used for older games.

  • Tatyana V commented
    7 Jan, 2023 12:49pm

    WHY my idea was merged to this? I asked for additional labels, which could be used by USERS, but not by mods creators. For me, the reason was - to have an opportunity to mark mods which have translation to my language (automatically included in that mod OR added by me manually).

    HOW "Better Categories" could help me with that problem? It's a completly different idea of want I suggested.

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