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Add visible tag to projects for what loader they use

I have learned today we cannot include [forge], [fabric] or any of these combinations in the titles of projects.

We however have no other way of indicating what mod loader our projects are made for to the end user, unless we state so on the front page, or if the end user goes to check what files are available for said project.

This goes paired with the quick access to the files on the right : only the latest uploaded file will be shown.

Both of these end up with creators ending up with questions like 'what loader is this for?' and 'why does the mod not work ? (because they are using the other loader with a mod not made for it).

As a content creator myself I like to show what loader my projects are available for, to avoid any confusion, and to show I am involved with what the end user wants before they have to ask for it.

Edit : This comes paired with the idea that any port of an open license mod cannot have the same name as the original mod, while it should retain that name to ensure the end user understands it is in fact the same mod, but for another loader. Therefor the loader should either be part of the project name for recognition to the end user.

edit 2 :
so what i'm asking for is : on the mod page , include , next or under the name, a small tag that shows for what loader files are available for.
Equally would the 'latest file preview' be welcome to show the latest file for each loader. a little tag would suffice here as well, probably.

  • Absolem Jackdaw
  • Jan 9 2022
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    24 Jan 11:08am

    - we have reconsidered and now allow adding forge/fabric indication within a project name.
    - files can already be tagged
    - we will improve the filtering and indication (tags) in the future

  • starmun commented
    9 Jan 11:35pm

    As a plus one to this, until the visibility for multiple mod loaders is assured in a single project, please delay the enforcement of any rules prohibiting separate projects for a mod based on mod loaders.

    Having multiple projects is the only way we have right now to assure any visibility for different mod-loader files.