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Update custom profile game version

I.e. updating between 1.16.4 to 1.16.5 for Minecraft without having to create another profile then coping the mods in-between them then making sure all relevant save data is the same, etc.

  • Bob Varioa
  • Feb 5 2021
  • Planned
  • Apr 16, 2024

    Admin response

    Hey, thanks for the Idea! This is planned!

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  • Guest commented
    10 Mar 04:03am

    Hello! I am going to back this up, it is a must needed feature as I am always testing new packs and being able to quickly jump version regardless of mods that might go missing etc, would be very appreciated! Just apply a simple check to see if every mod has the version we are looking for or not, and keep/remove them accordingly. Then auto disable the mods that don't but still have them shown in the list. Also another important feature would be to allow users to cross download mods between forge and fabric. Since, if you use forge, and 1.20.1 there is a mod called Sinytra Connector which allows most fabric mods to work with most forge mods. But I can't easily add mods from fabric as you guys actively prevent us from doing so. IU assume its to keep the amount of user complaints down as many kids use this too. But just put a warning saying that it's experimental/never going to be a source you can "always" count on and fabric and forge aren't actively being designed to work together, BUT THATS OK!

  • Alex commented
    31 Jan 04:35pm

    is this going to be added or not?

  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2023 05:27pm

    then if there are mods not supported by the version, just turn them off automatically and post an error next to the mod saying 'hey this mod wont work'

  • Guest commented
    12 Jun, 2023 08:23pm

    Yesterday, I recreated my custom mod pack to 1.20. Today I hit a reoccurring chunk error that has broken my world. 1.20.1 fixes this error. I have to do the process again for this hotfix. It is very tedious.

    In profile options, the user should be able to select the minecraft version. A check should be done to see if the selected mods are supported. If they are not, an error should be presented telling the user which mods are not compatible.

    If everything is OK, the minecraft version and associated mods should be updated.

  • Guest commented
    7 Jun, 2023 08:31am

    Team Overwolf:

    if the mods aren't updated from one version to the next, the custom profile won't be able to update either.
    This is mostly on the author's side.


    People want to be able to change the version of their custom modpack. They can't do that. This forces them to manually move over all their settings and mods, when people use Curseforge to avoid having to do so. This causes Curseforge users to change to a different program that can offer this function.

    What people are talking about is this:

    1. Make a modpack for Minecraft version 1.19.4

    2. Add a bunch of mods

    3. Version 1.20 of Minecraft is released

    4. Change modpack Minecraft version to 1.20

    5. Realise you can't

    1. Make a second modpack for Minecraft version 1.20

    2. Exit the new modpack Curseforge window

    3. Copy all mods from the previous modpack

    4. Paste into new modpack mods folder

    5. Copy all configs from the previous modpack

    6. Paste into new modpack config folder

    7. Open the new modpack Curseforge window

    8. Select 'update all'

    9. Play new modpack

    10. Realise you need to set all your Minecraft settings again

    11. Realise none of your custom scripts are there

    1. Google 'how to change curseforge modpack minecraft version'

    2. See YouTube tutorial

    3. Tutorial shows 'Versions' button in context menu of modpack

    4. Open Curseforge, right-click new modpack

    5. There is no 'Versions' button, there is 'Add More Content'

    6. Wonder why Curseforge would remove this function

    7. No longer wonder why people are moving house

    'ADMIN' was confused.

    This happened because the word 'profile' is being used for multiple things.

    Nobody understands why their user profile has multiple profiles. A profile is usually a document or a page which describes the user. This is the most common use for the word 'profile'.

    Curseforge uses the word 'modpack' and 'profile' interchangeably.

  • Ackar PL commented
    22 Mar, 2023 05:36pm

    I just got the same idea, Some message should say that some of the mods are missing or not (some mods will be updated, some will stay old and die) and do you want to try to load the older ones (wont work of course), delete them in the new update or cancel the whole action. I just want to be able to update 1.19 or any other modpack to 1.20 for example, i am not talking about changing the forge or anything else version since its built inside curseforge launcher. It already have the exporting profile feature that will have links to each mod, also it does save crucial informations like version of the game and mods, so its doable in some ways instead of scrolling all the way trough all the 200+ mods for modpack, it would be very helpfull, even if the results would be very inconsistent for the average users.

  • Jeffrey Dean commented
    16 Sep, 2022 09:17pm

    hey, curseforge, i need this update. if you do not add this feature, i will be forced to abandon using your service and go to a competitor. most people i know have already done this. as the guest has commented, i do not need you or your program to treat me like an incompetant child. just let me change the game version and i'll sort out the rest. manually copying over a modpack with 100+ mods and multiple configuration files, custom scripts, and datapacks simply isnt possible. i require this feature. curseforge had this feature back when it was owned by twitch. why you decided to remove it beggars belief, but it was an incompetant decision.

  • Jeffrey Dean commented
    11 Jan, 2022 11:21pm

    Team Overwolf, this doesnt help me. as-is, i am unable to effectively update my modpacks across versions. just allow me to manually change the game version, and give me alerts on what mods arent fit for that version. or, better yet, just let me sort that part out. im a big boy. i dont need your program to baby me.

  • Guest commented
    2 Jan, 2022 01:59pm

    ok mr admin then as a author how do we migrate content to a new version if we cant choose a new version? mods aside.....

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    10 Feb, 2021 09:06am

    if the mods aren't updated from one version to the next, the custom profile won't be able to update either.
    This is mostly on the author's side.

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