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MOVE datapacks to their own category [Minecraft]

Hi !
Here is the situation at the day I wrote this idea :
Currently, "datapacks" is a sub category to "Ressources Packs" but this is a non-sens.
Resource pack (or texture packs) is the name attributed in the game to the packs changing the textures; datapacks are modifying the game and are not placed in the same places (in the file structure); moreover, datapacks working on the server side (modifies game behavior for all players on a server without they need to download additional data) and ressource packs on the client side (render).

Honestly, just 24 hours ago, I didn't know that the datapack category existed because (i think) resource packs is the wrong place. Finally, datapacks with many downloads are placed in the Customization category, which makes much more sense (1).

Having a separated category would allow datapacks not to be mixed up with shaders in "Customization" or in the middle of Minecraft Bedrock Addons in the category of that name; which by the way is also a catch-all between that and the real mod addons.

Finally, it would not only allow them to be better organized, but also give a better navigation on the site and finally allow a better visibility to them, because for the moment discovering new datapacks made by small content creators is extremely complicated(2).

So to summarize, the sub-category "datapacks" should be migrated as a separate category such as "Mods", "Customization" or "Resource packs".

Here are the sources and proofs of what I say:

  • (1) Big datapacks in wrong category

Customization | 73k+ downloads All Mobs Heads
Customization/Scripts | 89k+ downloads Furniture Datapack
Customization/Scripts | 53k+ downloads Expanded Advancement and Recipe Pack
Customization/Scripts | 20k downloads Multiplayer Sleep

In parallel, in "datapacks" category, the biggest have 1,8m+ downloads BUT is a ressource pack with in additional file, a datapack and the second datapack in term of downloads have only 6.5k downloads

  • (2) Discover new datapack is difficult

because the category is not well referenced and for the reasons mentioned in (1)

The datapacks having so few downloads is maybe for this reason; discover them is difficult, so the certains datapackers, prefer to use planetminecraft which scatters the content, and does not allow people to discover the datapacks as they should

I hope to have been clear, see you soon, Neylz

  • Neylz VII
  • Feb 19 2022
  • Planned