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Minecraft Resourcepack popularity page overhaul.

Good afternoon,
Before I start I want to mention I am not trying to throw shade at any pack mentioned in this post. They are all great in their own ways. The only thing I have issue with is the way they are presented on the site.

For the past 3 years I've been at work on creating my resourcepack, 1.5 of which have been on CurseForge. I update twice a month during school periods and once every week during holidays and I spend all my free time to do so. Sadly, especially as of recent, I have started feeling demotivated to keep up this work due to the way the resourcepack popularity page is presented and how it's unrewarding to creators of bigger resourcepacks.

In the attached files you will see a picture which, in my opinion, shows the big problem with the current resourcepack popularity page. The current top 10 consists of mainly small addon packs that are included in modpacks due to their small impact on the overall game.

What this shows is that the current popularity page for resourcepacks isn't being determined by resourcepack downloads, but by modpack downloads. And not just any modpack, but some of the top10 most popular modpacks. Four of the packs in the list are part of the recently popular "Better Minecraft" modpack. "leviosa" (which only changes villager sounds) is part of RLcraft and the pixelmon soundtrack pack is of course a part of pixelmon.

This means that as a resourcepack artists we aren't competing against other resourcepacks, but against modpacks. And no matter how much time and love a person puts into a resourcepack, there's absolutely no way you'll ever outrank something like a "RLcraft" or a "BetterMinecraft".

It is sad to see these packs take away spots on the front page from bigger resourcepacks that are pushed aside because they aren't receiving RLcraft's downloads for free. Looking at the top10 list on the second page you'll find resourcepacks that are actively updated and receive a lot of attention (Packs such as Jicklus, compliance, visual enchantments and F8thful to name a few) but have been pushed out of the top by the current way the page is displayed. The current way the page is structured rewards the creation of small addons that have chance to be in modpacks over that of actual standalone resourcepacks.

To clarify and summarize, I am not saying packs included in modpacks should stop receiving downloads, they are being installed and used after all. But downloads coming from sources outside the resourcepack page shouldn't contribute to the displayed popularity of a resourcepack. This way, artists of bigger resourcepacks will be more rewarded for the work they put into their projects, because even though it's not a competition, your place on the leaderboard is still an important way for people to find your work and serves as an appreciation for your work coming from the website.

I'd love to get into a more open discussion about the subject if possible to hear other opinions or solutions from other authors/admins and I hope we can make a positive change to the site that is more rewarding to resourcepack artists.
Thank you.

  • Stefan
  • Jul 30 2021
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  • P1c0 commented
    31 Jul 12:33pm

    This is one of the truest posts I've seen. This is the exact reason why nobody these days makes texture packs anywhere as often as in the 1.2.5 - 1.10.2 eras. Modpack texture packs should only be downloadable when entering that specific modpack's page.

  • Tim commented
    30 Jul 10:54pm

    I totally agree with you :)

  • Guest commented
    30 Jul 04:15pm

    yeah this is so dumb i agree with you

  • Guest commented
    30 Jul 04:13pm

    Totally agree with you!

  • Stefan commented
    30 Jul 03:59pm

    To quote the comment below me:

    I totally agree with you and think something needs to be done about people just farming resourcepack downloads by putting them into modpacks.

    I don't think "farming downloads" is the correct term to use here since the people who've created the pack aren't the ones who decided to include them in a modpack. The problem mainly comes down to the fact that these resourcepacks aren't the popular thing, the modpacks are. so the resourcepacks gaining a top place on the popularity list without the downloads being intentionally directed at the resourcepack feels unfair towards other resourcepack artists.

  • Guest commented
    30 Jul 03:41pm

    Yeah, this is some total bullcrap, I totally agree with you and think something needs to be done about people just farming resourcepack downloads by putting them into modpacks.

  • Guest commented
    30 Jul 03:19pm

    I totally agree with this!! Some people but so much time and effort into creating a reasourcepack but these packs are being over shadowed with things such as RLCraft- RLcraft has a small resource pack which you prob didn't even know was there!!! but every time RLcraft is downloaded it counts as a download for the recourcepack {RLcraft is a modpack}