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Select White/Dark theme

I think it would be good to add an option between the white and the dark theme, maybe for some people it's better to have a dark theme, but not everyone

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  • Dec 6 2022
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  • Mushy Moo commented
    6 Jan 05:26pm

    It's completely unusable for me without light mode.

  • Guest commented
    28 Jul, 2023 02:33am

    For me it's more than just light mode. I REALLY want to just be able to make curseforge default to the legacy website. All the time. By default. I despise the new layout and look and everything; having to replace the first part of the url every time takes up so much time and is really frustrating

  • Chromosore commented
    17 Jun, 2023 10:13am
    Also please if you make a toggle add a "follow system theme" option! For everyone else here you can use DarkReader (it's an extension) and set it to light mode for this website if you want to force it.
  • Rimuru Tempest commented
    21 May, 2023 06:56pm

    Ya, I have to agree. I love some of the redesigns of the new site and the overhaul to the search options, but dark mode is not for me. I designed my project page's aesthetic around a white background, and dark mode just messes it up so bad. I don't really like using dark mode on websites either.

  • Guest commented
    19 May, 2023 10:52pm

    PLEASE give us the option to switch to a LIGHT Mode & stay there!

    The Legacy option doesn't stay up from one session to the next, & if I follow a link to Curse for any of the near 100 add-ons, plug-ins or mods for WoW that I personally use & then switch to Legacy so I can see to read the comments/ issues (at least 20x/week) that link disappears & I have to search the website to find them. Staying logged into my Curse account doesn't work as there are NO options in the user profiles as to version choices

    Light/ bright letters on a black/ dark background is a massive eye squinting headache trying to decipher greyish shmeared smudges no matter how large my giant fonts are, no matter how bold the print. :( All of the sharp defining edges disappear & blur into each other.

    I am extremely Night Blind as well as both near & far impaired (frosty effect halos on headlights & street lights... can't see curbs, stairs, edges, lines on pavement from early dusk on... or even most darkened TV scenes) & I have to have custom Monitor settings as well as in-game settings to even see to play WoW (on a 43" LG Monitor) with it's endless supply of Darkened environment screens & weather/fog/mist conditions.

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