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the ability to bookmark your favorite mods, along with list of all your bookmarked mods

I am often making modpacks that use a lot of the same mods, that i consider essential. its very annoying to have to search for all of these mods individually when i use them so often. it seems like a simple solution to just add a "save" or "bookmark" button so all of these mods are accessible in one place.

  • Guest
  • May 23 2021
  • Planned
  • Mar 4, 2024

    Admin response

    This is planned to be added! thank you everyone for upvoting this awesome idea!

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  • Guest commented
    21 Dec, 2023 07:40pm

    this is something i want more than anything else! because it would make it easy to add and delete the mods to our games while keeping them in a place to easily come back to. that way a lot of the unused mods can be temporarily deleted so as to not overload the game. and easily re-added because it'll be bookmarked!

  • Guest commented
    17 Dec, 2023 10:22pm

    Well there is an option to favorite a mod now... Too bad it does absolutely nothing, there's no way to access the list of favorites! So close yet still just as far.

  • Guest commented
    2 Jun, 2023 10:56pm

    This is a wonderful suggestion. It's not like anyone is trying to put mods out as their own, just organizing them in a simple "playlist" that can be shared and downloaded. And you could go a step further and create an incentive for people to download your desktop app and say that that "playlist" would be able to be auto downloaded and installed by using the app, so as to not waste time on downloading each addon individually.

  • Alex Sutton commented
    19 Jan, 2023 10:19am

    Surprised this hasn't been added yet hope we get this soon defo a great QoL feature we sorely need

  • Magewings commented
    20 Oct, 2022 04:07pm

    we the gamers need this

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    15 Nov, 2021 09:08am

    That is a wonderful suggestion!
    Adding to our log :)

  • Guest commented
    6 Nov, 2021 05:44pm

    Legitimately crave this; I tried to today, realized you couldn't, and was immediately disappointed.

  • Guest commented
    21 Oct, 2021 11:47pm

    If this could become a feature it would be really helpful!

  • Rebecca Stover commented
    12 Sep, 2021 11:57pm

    This really would be a huge timesaver when creating modpacks. It would be fantastic if this could become a feature.

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2021 05:13am

    i will comment on this every day until it happens

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2021 05:13am

    Can this please become a thing?? I just came here to suggest the exact same idea, like it would be so useful

  • Justin Boggs commented
    23 May, 2021 11:57am

    Right, I think I could list 25 mods I can't play any minecraft game without.

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