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Allow for searching mods at random, to find hidden gems.

Sometimes you don't know what mod you need until it's there in your face, many sites allow for randomisation, Wikipedia and Gamepedia have random page buttons, Nexus Mods has a random tab to look at mods, at random (shocker).

I would benefit from this inclusion, as well as anyone who would like to shake up their modding experience, instead of only installing the best or latest mods. You could choose to make a pack (for yourself or others) that only uses ones generated by the random list.

To implement this, you could add in the Sort by, or Filter by category a Random option, that takes the list of all mods, you are filtering by/sorting by and randomises the order, allowing mods that otherwise go unnoticed to be seen front and centre.

  • Zah Waruigi
  • Mar 21 2021
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