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Private file hosting accessible via permissions

I'd love the ability to host files privately - specifically mods but could also extend to resource packs. You would be able to list accounts that can access the mod. Inclusion in a modpack works but it will only install the mod for those valid accounts.

I'd actually argue that alpha files should already be like this, considering that alpha is generally "internal testing" anyway, but a new "secret" type might be easier to implement.

The basis of the request is I have an update for one of my mods that isn't really stable for public use, but I wanted it in my modpack that I play with friends, primarily for testing a few edge cases but also just so we've got something usable and we know the caveats. But because I can't include a jar file of my own project in the mod zip, my only option is to mark it as alpha. And we all know half the people downloading mods can't read so now I get people complaining that it's not perfectly polished like the pictures... it's just not a good experience for anyone involved.

  • Fureniku
  • Mar 13 2024
  • Future consideration
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