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Dependencies/Dependent section should hide or make 'modpack' as optional, thus prioritizing actual the standalone mod and its author

As an avid modder in Skyrim, I appreciate the "Dependent" tab in Nexusmods ( a similar modding hub), which provides valuable information on other authors' mods that enhance the game's experience. However, in CurseForge, it can be daunting to navigate through the overwhelming number of modpacks (about 85-90% on the list are modpack). This abundance of modpacks can discourage exploring the actual content, and it's not helpful for those who prefer customizing their game with individual mods.

Counter-Argument :
On the other hand, I understand Minecraft modders are mostly young folks (like literally 10 years old), In contrast, Skyrim and Fallout modding communities have more young adults and older participants... Thus pretty sure you guys want to encourage installing a modpack with simple one click moto instead of doing it by themselves.

As a suggestion, CurseForge could consider organizing and presenting individual mods more prominently, have an option to show modpacks alongside. This approach would allow modders to explore and discover other mods more easily and would also provide better visibility to individual mod creators. While modpacks have their benefits, it's crucial to maintain a balance between modpacks and individual mods to cater to the diverse needs of the Minecraft modding community.

I find the slow loading of CurseForge's databases frustrating, especially when it ultimately leads to yet another modpack being displayed instead of the actual mods. This experience keeps killing my interest in the website. I believe that it's essential to acknowledge the hard work of individual mod authors who create unique and creative mods, rather than focusing solely on modpacks. So stop being corporate greed and remember your roots damnit. Dont do 'limited is more slogan' shit.

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  • Mar 20 2023
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  • May 24, 2023

    Admin response

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to write your idea, either I misunderstood it, or you missed the search filters/categories on both websites (the old one and the beta one). If you meant something different, please feel free to explain.

    Adding some screenshots of ways you can search for specific things other than modpacks:


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