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Make Accounts More Useful (Especially on the App)

I have 2 suggestions:


If I were on the app and I saw the author of a mod I want, and wanted to see his account page so I can find another mod that I forgot the name of that he or she made, I would have to go to the Curseforge browser version, go through the tags and versions, look up a mod he made, go to his account page and only then can I look for the said mod I want.

I feel like Curseforge would be better as a whole if you could access accounts through app too, not just browser. It feels excruciating doing the process above over and over again, mostly because it wastes time, and being someone with ADHD, ultimately gets me to do something else.


My friends usually do not like using Curseforge for Minecraft mods, but when it comes to server hosting, getting everybody to use the exact mods with the exact mod versions on the same version of Minecraft, and on the same version of a modloader can be a daunting task. What I think would get them to use Curseforge more often is something I like to call Modpack Sharing (or profile sharing for the fancy name). Just type the username of a registered Curseforge user, and they'll get a request the next time they open their app that someone wants to share their modpack with them. This eliminates the big problem of starting up a modded server, and nobody wanting to play it because "Oh, it says it has 225 mods. My computer can't run that," or "Oh, last time I clicked on your google docs link I got a virus," or other stupid excuses, because 45 FPS is perfectly normal, tom. Your computer CAN run it.

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  • Dec 17 2021
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