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Beta website is not ready

Do not auto redirect to beta version of website by default. It is not ready for prime time, is missing many features, and doesn't format correctly on mobile.

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  • Feb 11 2023
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  • Mar 16, 2023

    Admin response

    The beta website is not out officially yet, you're being redirected to it on certain pages only when the 'old' website is experiencing loads issues.

    Many features are still being worked on to be added to the beta website before it will be fully transitioned to, and obviously we're working to add the existing features from the old one to the new one. This is a matter of time, and while it might seem like you're getting the beta website by default, the alternative is an error/maintenance on the old website, so this is just a temporary redirection to prevent that.

    We're sorry about any inconvenience, we know how important this is to you, and our dev team is working around the clock to add features and improve the new website so it can answer your needs and be stable.

    We’re updating about changes to the website on our Discord server, whether it’s a maintenance, a known issue, or a temporary redirection for certain pages. You’re welcome to join to stay updated -

    You can also check the CurseForge roadmap on Trello to see recently shipped and upcoming features to the new website:

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  • Anita Frank commented
    29 Dec, 2023 07:39pm

    The updated website as of Dec 2023 is still missing a lot of the features of the old classic site. One feature I miss is to download files without using the Overwolf Curseforge app. Another feature I miss and wish had been implemented for Sims 4, was the bounty boards. For Sims 4 custom content, we call this WCIF (where can I find) boards.

  • Guest commented
    13 May, 2023 04:26pm
    Fuck this stupid website. It's fucking terrible and doesn't work half the time. I guess you don't want us to use this website?????
  • Guest G commented
    26 Apr, 2023 05:54pm

    So, not only the whole website looks like it was made for phones, it ALSO doesn't correctly format on the main device it was made for? Wow.

    How about making a PC version of the website in addition to the current mobile-looking one? You know, one with a more horizontal layout (instead of 60% of the screen being empty space) and with maybe scalable content (I feel the current font/icons are too big and force me to scroll down all the time, where on the old layout I could seethe download link as soon as I opened an addon page).

  • Guest commented
    22 Apr, 2023 09:14pm

    Personally it would be best to listen to the complaints and realize that perhaps all of the planning and ideas you all had for this new version should be scrapped entirely due to the sheer amount of complaints that you are receiving.

    I get that you want to try something new, make everything look clean and better, but what good does that do when all it's done is raise complaints? It's be better to work on adding in features that people are liking in the beta version and integrate those into the current site instead of making a whole new version from scratch.

    Not to mention the old layout for how the mods look is perfect while the newer version looks like a cluttered mess. Why not take the dark mode and make it a toggle feature? Or even take the search for other mods which is a huge help and just add that into the current site?

    Honestly, I get you guys are much bigger now and that you have all of this attention but please don't let it get to your heads, That's how certain companies end up failing after trying to rebrand and change up their image into something entirely different instead of just working on adding in improvements to an already perfectly fine existing feature. Cause I can guarantee you this, while many of us will still use Curseforge to download our mods for our games quite the number of us will do our best to avoid the beta site and keep using the original version and when the time comes where we can't go back well, be prepared for less traffic flow and watch as others will look for mods somewhere else.

  • Jennie G commented
    20 Apr, 2023 01:13pm

    This new UI is terrible and I can't believe it was swapped over in the state it is in.

    Trying to delete a comment in the new system fails, but you cannot edit a comment in the new system. Screenshots did not come over to display in the new UI, so I had to add a new comment to add a link to the screenshot which ended up with the wrong URL since there's no WYSIWYG or help. So, I had to go back to the old version and search for the page I was trying to comment on to edit my comment to fix it.

    It would also be nice if the switch to legacy actually switched to the legacy version of the page you were on, rather than just the home page.

    The admin response here is super unhelpful now that the site is the default, not just for broken pages, but for all pages.

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr, 2023 04:09am

    As some other comments have said, the new UI is ugly, navigation is clunky, etc. If the old website is really a problem for adding new features and stuff just rebuild a similar look from scratch instead of the shitty thing you have now.

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr, 2023 04:07am

    New website definitely needs a light mode and cleaner look like the old website. Also making it so the download button is the primary button in file download instead of the app at least when in a browser.

  • Johannes Lövgren commented
    16 Apr, 2023 03:14am

    Please don't launch it, scrap it or keep it optional at least as it does NOT work on mobile or Portait style monitors at all while the old one does. It's literally a downgrade please please don't launch it like this...

  • Guest commented
    10 Apr, 2023 12:21am

    Here's a great idea: Scrap the beta website in its entirety.

    The UI is ugly, navigation is clunky, there is zero reason to move from what's currently an already perfectly functional design to something that simply looks atrocious. The single good thing it has is the fact it shows what game version mods work with on the search results, and that's a feature that can be implemented to the old design instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Don't try to fix what isn't broken.

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2023 12:37am

    Why did I suddenly start getting redirected to this beta site when not even 5 minutes ago I was still able to use the old curseforge site? I didn't opt into it, please do not force this horrible new UI onto me...

  • Guest commented
    4 Apr, 2023 07:25am

    Please don't suddenly test the beta website. If the mod is tested while searching, it will reset from the Popularity 1 page. I've bookmarked the "Last updated" link, but it doesn't make sense once the beta website is tested.

    Why can you test such a useless beta website, but not warn against discriminatory mods that prohibit translations into specific languages?

  • Guest commented
    4 Apr, 2023 03:02am

    From what I can gather, hyperlinks and more importantly comment editing in posts on mod pages are removed in this "improved" new version? Laughable.

  • Guest commented
    4 Apr, 2023 02:58am

    i hate beta, don't make the curseforge app install on the first, we need download on the first. the people who wants to use the curseforge install will use the curseforge app to done well.

  • Guest commented
    26 Mar, 2023 12:05pm

    alr it is normal

  • Guest commented
    26 Mar, 2023 12:04pm

    i open my new project and it doesn't shows as before, it says 404 no website found. before it can show its status and stuff

  • Baccar Wozat commented
    25 Mar, 2023 03:51am

    The beta site doesn't let me search MC mods by 1.20, so how am I supposed to find them?

  • Guest commented
    25 Mar, 2023 02:14am

    i hate beta, VERY slow loading, and step3 link isnt working in download link

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2023 01:58pm
  • Guest commented
    17 Mar, 2023 01:32pm

    i didn't even turn on beta it just appeared out of nowhere.

  • Guest commented
    11 Mar, 2023 04:24pm

    I'll prefer an option to disable or enable the beta redirect rather than force ourselves to use it

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