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Revert the beta website update Merged

it ruined download links and made it impossible to download minecraft mods, This is the dumbest decision ever made.

  • Guest
  • Feb 2 2023
  • No idea/suggestion
  • Feb 12, 2023

    Admin response

    During heavy loads on the 'old' website, certain Minecraft pages will redirect to the new website. This is done to avoid down time.

    To reach your project page you can add /settings in the address.

    There shouldn't be an issue with downloading mods on the new website, what issue did you encounter?

    We’re updating about changes to the website on our Discord server, whether it’s a maintenance, a known issue, or a temporary redirection for certain pages. You’re welcome to join to stay updated -

  • TreaBeard Gaming commented
    26 Feb, 2023 03:09am

    agreed totally bonkers what is happening

  • Guest commented
    23 Feb, 2023 09:50pm

    with this new update I am unable to upload anything to my current modpack

  • Guest commented
    23 Feb, 2023 09:50pm

    A lot of the old mods that didn't update aren't able to be downloaded anymore, like WTF cavebiome.

  • Guest commented
    23 Feb, 2023 01:43am

    no one liked this beta website as far as i can tell, i don't know why it was created in the first place

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb, 2023 12:20pm

    Please keep the old version. New version of the website is really BAD. Only one useful thing I found is the ability to use multiple filters simultaneously (e.p. version + modloader)

  • Guest commented
    19 Feb, 2023 03:37am

    Your response is not acceptable. Not even close. Your website (other than the idiotic "human verification") was not broken and did not need fixed.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2023 11:06am

    Honestly it's awful, I've just stopped using curseforge when I can. Getting any mods I can on modrinth until they revert this awful change

  • Guest commented
    15 Feb, 2023 10:10am

    "File name" column in new site is WAY too short. You cannot read the file name easily and then have to hover over the link name for a few seconds before the name pops up. Please lengthen.

  • Guest commented
    13 Feb, 2023 10:34am

    Project information should not be jammed into a single column that now takes up 2x the length of the page. Way too much spacing and dead space.

  • Dray commented
    11 Feb, 2023 09:40pm

    The site wastes almost half the screen real estate (1080p) on wasted space that has absolutely no use. FOUR... mod listings on a single screen in the mod listings, FOUR. You can't self-scale it with browser sizes because the font becomes entirely unreadable on an already tiny font - Yo, people don't navigate websites with their entire fist. Straining my eyes like crazy. Downloads columns are so horizontally cramped you can't even read the build numbers for a lot of mods in their Files menus. Sometimes you have to click the download button repeatedly, because it decides it's going to refresh the page instead of actually moving over to the download page.
    You can't multi-tab like the old site, super easy to get lost browsing the mod lists, going back doesn't always return you to the section you were looking at.

    Search is still practically broken (maybe fix that first? 5 years, still waiting) and only displays certain mods with the search term you use, not all, still.

    Would like a more stable 'old website' option.

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2023 05:44pm

    I would say as a beta website it is lacking the features that the current website has, but I love some of the changes made, and if they are able to ensure the transfer of all features and data from the current site and have a light mode for those who need it, I would prefer the new design.

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2023 10:53am

    Im having issues updating my own modpack even with this. IM unable to make a ticket in ur discord as i dont have a phone number and yall require that to even talk. there needs to be an option to disable the beta. As a modpack creator this is rediculous. Its made everything incredibly difficult to use/manage for my packs. Again THERE IS NO UPLOAD FILE BUTTON. How the heck am i supposed to upload updates for my pack. I was legit in the proccess of that until this happened

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2023 03:34am

    The mentioned issues aside, there should be a light mode. Some of us with astigmatism (and dyslexia from what I read) can't use dark mode GUI.

    This reminds me of the time Discord removed their light mode as an April Fools' joke and reverted it not too long after when users complained.

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2023 01:58am

    Change it back please.
    I was looking through pages upon pages of minecraft mods for my 1.18 world and suddenly I went to look at page 198 and the entire website changes and looses my progress and page I was looking at. With no option to go to a specific page. This is awful and I absolutely hate it-what the hell is wrong with the lot of you?

    This is going to take forever.

  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2023 06:35am

    Why do I have to "Create a profile" when trying to download the mod twice.
    One for my server and one for me.

  • Caleb commented
    7 Feb, 2023 06:35am

    It's not terrible, but it doesn't even let you view server packs and kinda feels less functional.

    Looks ok I guess, but I'm also super used to the old one since I've been using it for 7 years.

  • Guest commented
    6 Feb, 2023 05:18pm

    The beta site is incredibly straining on my eyes, and the filter for the new system is way too drastic of a change. I would say it's only upside is being able to search for a specific mod loader and version at the same time.

  • iMoo commented
    6 Feb, 2023 12:32pm

    I had an idea merged into this thread that focused on this issue as well, since OP isn't commenting.

    What felt like half of the time trying to manually download the file for a listed mod, instead of the server forwarding us to the page where the file file is downloaded, it forwards us to the CurseForge's Minecraft main page

    There would be spans of minutes where the server would properly forward me to the download page before randomly bugging out again.

    Also wasn't specific to any one mod. It was happening over the course of 4 hours for me before I gave up for the day.

  • Tee Sixxer commented
    5 Feb, 2023 11:40pm

    Get rid of the "beta." at the beginning of the URL

  • Guest commented
    5 Feb, 2023 04:06pm

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