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Allow opting out of beta Merged

tried changing beta. to www. but it still redirects to the beta page. Beta looks great but makes it impossible to see dependencies and makes the downloads page less functional. Just straight up isn't ready to be used yet it's forced on me. I get using it to help high traffic loads but it at least needs to feature a button or something to force allow you to go back to the normal style since changing beta to www in the url doesn't do anything.

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  • Feb 6 2023
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  • Feb 6, 2023

    Admin response

    The redirection is done because the old website won't function under those loads, and since the dependencies feature is not yet available on the new website, it's trying to redirect you back to the old website, which is experiencing high loads. I understand it must be frustrating, but it's a matter of time until the new website has all features and can be transitioned to properly. This situation is not optimal, but is temporary.