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Make the download button exposed (not hidden behind install)

This is just annoying how when you want to download a mod, you have to click the tiny arrow to get the .jar download button to show up. It would be far more convenient if they were equally spaced and obvious, seeing how much space there is around the button. It would be far quicker for people who would rather not install the mod through the app, and makes plain sense from a user friendly standpoint

  • Guest
  • Dec 21 2022
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  • johnny bravo commented
    9 Feb 01:09pm

    yea if you want keep the "install button but put near it anywhere the download button it's annoying

  • Guest commented
    24 Jan 08:57am

    Still not a thing in the new beta? Wow, looks like they really want us to use their app so badly? Never gonna happen. Not with such attitude