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Allow adult content

While most of what is listed for Sims 4 sounds good, I'm not happy about this part:
Safe & Simsy
All the content on CurseForge meets guidelines created in partnership with The Sims 4 team and is clean of violence, nudity, etc.

Sure, not all Simmers play with Wicked Whims and such, but a good amount of us do, not to mention the violence mods, and you're basically taking that away? Why not put in a way for a player to add their real life ID to their account, so they can still access adult content? It was possible 10+ years ago on IMVU, so it should be available now, too. Even if a simmer needs to pay a few bucks to do it, it's better than losing our mods completely, especially if we won't be able to have mods WITHOUT the new launcher.

  • Elizabeth Voorheis
  • Nov 14 2022
  • Nov 24, 2022

    Admin response

    CurseForge is working according to EA's moderation guidelines which state that adult content is not allowed on the platform, therefore, it is not planned to allow such content to be submitted.

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