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Soften up restrictions for API access to 3rd party

The one of advantages of Curseforge's platform was the ability to choose how you want to experience modpacks, with what launcher and such. With new announcement, Overwolf wants to restrict the choice of how want to play. New projects will automatically restrict them to curseforge only, and creators couldn't even know about this.

Please reconsider some of decisions here. Players deserve a choice of how they want to play.

If you have twitter, post your answers as #SaveModdedMinecraft

Edit: Hi, this is author of the idea, TrashboxBobylev. This blew up, and some things were false. Please read this post twice before posting, it's not as bad as it was sounding.

One of solutions is here:

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  • Nov 12 2021
  • Already exists
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for the feedback and everyone who voted and commented. At this point we do not have plans of changing the submission flow. Every author can choose the option that suits them, there's no default choice.

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  • Guest commented
    5 Aug, 2023 05:08pm

    i think you should make servers for pepole to be together in the same modded worl what am trying to say is just make a server for pepole and friends

  • Guest commented
    18 Jul, 2023 11:08am
  • Guest commented
    18 Jul, 2023 11:08am
  • Guest commented
    11 Jun, 2023 02:03am

    I think the best "default" choice is to delete everything from curse and put it on github. It's always been poorly run, but damn, good job Satan.

  • semu mera commented
    24 May, 2023 10:30am

    Nice information

  • Tommy Gibson commented
    8 Jan, 2023 02:43pm

    A massive L for Admin response

  • Deadoon commented
    6 Jan, 2023 01:13am

    It took over a year for that response?

  • Lily Burks commented
    5 Jan, 2023 08:23pm

    i just want to play modded minecraft on my steam deck, either give us a linux version we can use or else we'll go find another launcher


  • Zac commented
    5 Jan, 2023 07:05pm

    curseforge moment

  • Leo Holdiman commented
    5 Jan, 2023 05:52pm
    You have ruined modding forever, you know that, right?
  • Jeffery Berry commented
    26 Sep, 2022 05:04pm

    Hi all

  • Guest commented
    4 Sep, 2022 09:24am

    Rip curseforge never again.

  • Guest commented
    11 Aug, 2022 06:11pm

    Just give up on CurseForge and Twitch - it's clear they have zero consideration for users and are happy to ruin the platform for profit.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jul, 2022 07:54am

    MultiMC 4 Life

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2022 10:15am

    I will be moving away from using any mods that rely on Curseforge for hosting their mods/modpacks because of this. I understand as a business you need to make money but taking away a feature people are used to without at the very least providing an alternative is just a stupid business decision.

  • Martmists commented
    5 Jul, 2022 09:51pm

    As a linux player this makes me completely unable to use modpacks at all, as multimc and polymc are my only options. Because of this move, it's become impossible for me to play just about any curseforge modpack.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jun, 2022 04:52am

    yeah i just reposted this considering it doesnt already exist and therefore the curseforge team is bullshitting. this software wont be touching my pc ever based on the stuff ive read thus far. these devs need professional help lol

  • Guest commented
    30 May, 2022 05:31am

    ya the app is complete ass and is invasive as fuck

  • Ryan Hart commented
    30 May, 2022 04:46am

    I support the idea of moving to a system like on Nexusmods. If you have a premium subscription, you can download unlimited mods through 3rd party apps like Wabbajack.

  • Guest commented
    25 May, 2022 08:08pm

    To further iterate on my comment below, I urge any creators against this change to seek other platforms, communicate with fellow creators in this endeavor.

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