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Curse Forge Authors: We should be able to see the views and projected revenue from ads

I feel insights on views would be very helpful for creators. Allowing them to see how many views their page/project page gets daily, monthly, and yearly would be valuable feedback.

As for as projected revenue from ads, I feel the current system is not transparent enough from site to creator. The creators in my honest opinion do not get compensated nearly enough (Via the point based system) based on how much the site more than likely makes from ad revenue. Yes, the site needs to make money to stay up, be hosted, advertised, etc. However, without the creators none of that is valid. In my example I get a few thousand downloads a day, monthly anywhere from 75-120k downloads, yet I am paid very little for the amount views and downloads my projects make the site. This is the same for all creators.

You look at ad based links that people are using (such as adfly) that pays per 1000 visits, and that's not even considering downloads. Say 1/10 of those people download as well. I get 1000+ downloads a day so the estimated views and clicks would be 10k a day based on this example.

Creators have to move focus to outside sources such as ad links or a donation based support network such as patreon. There is nothing wrong with using patreon to build a community and offer extra rewards (I do that myself), but if you actually paid creators a decent chunk of the profit we make the site, there would be less reuploads and less multi-platforming. Leading all traces back to curse and overwolf as the main source. This in the long run will only help both the site and creators grow.

Thank you.

  • Christian Baum
  • Sep 4 2022
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