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Better/More metrics for The Sims 4 content creators

Hi Team,

I'm really enjoying my time at CurseForge so far but it's been a struggle trying to understand which of my projects are popular and why, and it's largely because I'm flying blind. I'm not sure if Sims 4 users are included in the "$15 minimum" for the metrics system but we could really use one of our own either way. It's hard to tell right now based on reward point outlays, some projects with few downloads produce more reward points than others which are far more popular for eg and I think this has to do with how points are distributed, making it an unhelpful metrics tool.

Points that would be useful to know:

What projects are down trending / up trending over the last x hours/days
What projects are the top across search by a given category
What projects get the most click-throughs vs scroll-bys

What projects have the most web traffic outside of the CurseForge app - are any outside sites linking to the project page etc


  • R Slutzky
  • Sep 2 2023
  • Future consideration
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  • R Slutzky commented
    3 Sep, 2023 05:27pm

    Hi, just wanted to add some additional feedback on this one (as it relates). I got access to the main metrics tool yesterday after posting the original comment, and while I think some of my feedback was already solved/unwarranted (trending by downloads per day graph is mostly fantastic as is), some other quirks/formalities remain. I stand by most of what I said, and would like to add the following.

    • The "Daily Downloads per Project" UI is a little.. quirky. It could use a "Show all/Hide all" flag, as trying to sort the graph with more than a dozen or two projects showing is a bit of a visual mess. I spent several minutes turning all of my projects visibility off, only to find that the chart resets back to "all on" if you leave the page or refresh. Not good. Please address.

    • "Daily Downloads per Project" UI again: the list will jump back to the top if you toggle a project from the show/hide list. I don't think this is supposed to happen, as a user I would expect the list to remain in place after a selection.

    Different topic: My start on CurseForge was a little confusing and it could be easier for others

    • It wasn't clear to me on arrival at CurseForge, but you have to enroll in the rewards program and collect/be paid your first $15 in rewards before you can view the metrics ("Statistics") tool. This isn't the sole fault of CurseForge or EA/Maxis or my own inability to read, but it just wasn't clear to me. I was under the impression we as a gaming genus weren't granted access at all, since we by EULA cannot sell our projects; merely publish them. Plausible solution: This needs to be made clear to creators during or after first project publishing to make sure they aren't wasting time and are enrolled in the rewards program/have their projects counting downloads towards the metrics tool as soon as possible. Really, a "Sims 4 x Curseforge 101 Crash Course for Creators" pamphlet/video series might be in order to clear some of it up.

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