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Fabric category button (bug to fix)

Just checked the Fzbric category button and the button isn't working. I highlighted over others near it and the cursor changes/the buttons work. The highlight works on the button but the link does no action.

I checked the HTMl divs from dev mode in my web browser and between Twitch Integration and Mcreator the Fabric link is not available with the /minecraft/mc-mods/fabric part. No idea how the URL there but just thought it was worth pointing out as some users have been uable to use this button recently.

  • Suntanned Duck2
  • Aug 16 2021
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  • Guest commented
    24 Aug 01:56am

    What is going on with Curseforge? This "idea" was suggested over a week ago now and there is still no fabric handle/filter to sort through, even though it was there before. Curseforge, why do you like making your user's lives more difficult?

  • Guest commented
    22 Aug 03:34pm

    What an absolute joke

  • Guest commented
    20 Aug 07:39pm

    I don't understand. Sure, Fabric isn't as popular as Forge, but I won't ever go back to Forge.

    The Fabric community is... Much nicer to deal with.

    Now Curseforge removed the Fabric category altogether. There's a dropdown but it includes all versions of Minecraft all lumped into one. Can't search for Fabric mods of certain Minecraft builds.

    This sucks! Just sayin...

  • Suntanned Duck2 commented
    20 Aug 01:25am

    The button's code has now been 'removed' for whatever reason. All that was needed is to re-add a URL? It would literally take a few seconds. What is going on? Is there plans to change this we don't know about.