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(Minecraft) A filter to NOT list MCreator /MCToolkit mods.

Pretty much what the title says. Probably make it a box players can tick upon creating a profile. "Include MCreator mods" or something, and players can turn it off.

Having been a part of the modding community for 10+ years, I can safely say that many people avoid MCreator mods, but its not often obvious when a mod actually is an MCreator mod, since many people dont mention it in their threads or in their mod's tags. There's a reason MCreator mods on Curseforge only get like 1% of the downloads of other similar mods that were done properly. Filtering out that stuff to not even show up in the first place would be nice, since many people don't want to accidently endorse MCreator by using mods made with it.

This would provide a simple solution for players to easily be able to avoid creations of one of the most hated parts of the modern modding scene. And players who enjoy MCreator can still download these mods by ticking the MCreator inclusion box.

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  • Nov 10 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for the idea, we will keep looking to see demand for this feature.

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  • Guest commented
    27 Jan 12:03am

    Proponents of mcreator can go eat literal rocks. I am NEVER launching my game with a mcreator mod ever again.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2022 01:38pm

    ok mcreator shill commentor.

  • Guest commented
    19 Jun, 2022 05:24pm

    Have you ever actually TRIED MCreator enough to formulate your own opinion or are you just repeating garbage everyone else says?! As an MCreator user I can safely say that MCreator mods aren't automatically trash, for example Stalward Dungeons, Nether's Exoticism, and all mods by Furti_Two are MCreator mods. MCreator helps people who want to make a mod able to without Java knowledge which often requires a lot of energy and motivation which most people do not have! Curseforge, if you add this, I am PERMANENTLY switching to ATLauncher and forgetting you even exist. And STOP HATING SOMETHING YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT! I bet you didn't know MCreator has:

    1. A Java console

    2. An active community

    3. Kind and supportive staff (unlike Forge devs)

    4. Easy ways to ease the tedium of defining everything

    5. APIs and mod support for common libs

    6. Plugins to support trash old versions like 1.12

    Spread the word.

    The MCrevolution is rising.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    15 Nov, 2021 09:19am

    Thanks, adding to log.