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Tag Blacklisting

Let's be dirty honest: a whitelist filter is fine, but not good enough. Blacklisting mod categories would filter out mods that you don't want.

Why? Because MCreator mods fill up the total mods list and having to find any good mods through random browsing means having to skip MANY pages due to many mods being made using that program.

So let me just separate the chaff from the wheat, so I can browse for actually good mods.

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  • Jan 4 2023
  • Future consideration
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  • Fureniku commented
    14 Mar 12:00am

    Big +1 on this one. Historically, MCreator mods weren't even allowed, and I honestly think the platform was better for it. The vast majority are very low quality and don't offer something that isn't already available in 10 other mods. I've also had a number of MCreator mods uploaded which were using textures from my own - probably 5 or 6 of those, vs only one real java mod.

  • Guest commented
    28 Jun, 2023 11:49pm

    Yeah, this really annoys me when I'm looking up good mods for Minecraft and I mostly get 1.7.10 mods, when I can't even play that version of the game. :/

  • Anita Frank commented
    9 Feb, 2023 08:50pm

    We need better filters and the ability to use more than one filter.

    Right now, although it is very useful that it shows which ones were installed, there does not seem to be a way to hide the mods we already installed on the "get new mods" screen. They aren't new if we already have them. We do also need some way to search by creator, or hide mods by creator.

    I suspect some creators might use one modding program, and others might use a different modding program, but it would be consistent for the same individual who created and uploaded the mod. And yes, a "hide this mod" button would be great.

    I have some Sims 4 mods that I ALREADY installed in subfolders that don't show up on Curseforge as installed. Some of these are mods from the Sims Resource.

    So if I could hide those mods, (so that I don't accidentally install duplicate copies creating a last exception error) that would be great. Also, you should also be able to show hidden mods if you later choose, maybe with them in a different color to indicate they were hidden so you can permanently unhide them. Kind of like Windows does with hidden folders in Windows Explorer.

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