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Give a warning popup when removing a mod that uses the same Library as other mods so it doesn't remove all the mods that use that Dependancy.

There are many mods that use the same Library, and If you remove just 1 of those mods, it removes the Library, too, which then removes EVERY other mod that uses that Library. I have lost so many mods in packs due to this.

Please either make it so we must manually remove the Dependant / Dependancy or at least a Pop up Warning letting us know that this will remove other mods as well (List the Mods) and ask if we still want to remove the Library.

  • Jereme Amberson
  • Jul 16 2021
  • Planned
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    We're planning to improve the dependency management in the app. Thanks for your feedback!