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Introduce Approval System for being added to projects

It seems people can add you to projects without your approval. In doing so they can add some sort of hate speech on the curse page and basically associate you with that even if you didn't even request to be added to that page. This ultimately makes people think you agree with whatever is on that curse page. This also can open the possibility of being wrongfully punished for it too.

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  • Jun 12 2021
  • Planned
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for your information and feedback to understand the severity of this issue. It's planned to be added as part of the new project management flow.

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  • Chery hope commented
    14 Feb 11:05pm

    i know of a modder with a few absolutely amazing mods and he had so many downloads daily. i was on his modder discord where i regularly provided feedback and possible suggestions. he was generally a really polite honest lovely guy. then suddenly one day i wake up check discord and boom his page was filled with hate because his name had been added to some anti LGBTQ mod and everyone was personally attacking him verbally making him look like an idiot with all their screenshots and that to the point even regular custom he had started believing them soon later his discord was removed and the mods haven't been updated since this is happening to many big names in the modding world and think about it if all the good modders leave like he did then you will be left with a space full of old unupdated mods and stupid little things like recipe mods from the learners you will lose people modders and gamers alike and your company will eventually close its already posted everywhere that another thing modders are doing is trying to start a new rep on modrynth where everything is fully regulated you need to act before its too late curseforge.

  • DR Brink commented
    5 Oct, 2021 05:30pm

    I also just got added to a random Project and others too and a simple report that the Discord Mods suggest doesnt fix the issue or gets solved anytime soon. IF you can help here Team Overwolf this project adds random people and keeps adding me back. Please add the feature to send invites.

  • Guest commented
    1 Sep, 2021 05:57pm

    I can not get some of my toons to show questie any more not sure why

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    23 Jun, 2021 11:41am

    What was that project please?

  • JTK222 commented
    14 Jun, 2021 06:01pm

    It recently happened with a project that contained links to transphobic pages.
    Where well known modders were added to the project without their knowledge/being related to it. I think by now this should be resolved.

    But the main issue here is not the past.
    This issue is something that no one ever considered, because it's basically a given everywhere that you have to approve such invites. Now it has been spread across many communities to warn modders and keep an eye open for it, people that might have never even thought of this possibility may abuse it.

    If you really plan to wait until it happens again, and possibly risk that someone's entire reputation is destroyed... I just don't even have words for that.

  • D B commented
    14 Jun, 2021 11:15am

    This already happened to me in the past and the project has already been removed and doubt anyone remembers this someone had jumped the gun on Project Ozone 3, made a new project, then added me to it.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    14 Jun, 2021 07:35am

    If there was a specific case please point the offended authors to contact us so we can take action.

    We do not ban of punish users without first checking through the action logs of the project and can follow the chain of events to detect the offender.

    We will consider this carefully, Ill-willed people will always find ways to exploit systems, and we are yet to evaluate how common-spread this is.

  • Jonathan McManus commented
    13 Jun, 2021 01:30am

    I've often wondered why this is the case and I'm heartened that it hasn't been exploited to a significant extent.

    However, the fact that it hasn't been extensively exploited yet is no reason for inaction: more awareness of this will lead to more negative occurrences, and with the potential added privacy & consent issues, most likely lead to negative feedback and community push-back against CurseForge from all of the gaming communities associated with it.

    You have the opportunity now to fix this before it gets out of hand and you are forced to, by negative feedback and community push-back, fix it later, after the damage has been done. As this information is now being widely disseminated, your window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

    I urge you to consider doing something about this as rapidly as possible so as to prevent damage to your own reputation as a platform due to the harm that you will cause to the reputation of others through present inaction.

  • jones magic commented
    12 Jun, 2021 09:56pm

    I'm gonna say how this can be a majorly big issue that can destroy entire lives of modders easily. This needs to be addressed before it blows up. Here's a possible situation that can occur.

    "A troll makes a hidden slur/hate speech filled mod, adds a certain modder who makes one of the most downloaded mods on curseforge to this nasty project that curseforge approves because it can't check for the hidden slurs unless the game is ran, makes the modder the project owner, deletes their own account so the modder is the only guy listed, and then spreads all over feedthebeast and twitter about how evil the modder is with the curseforge page and mod as proof and now there's a massive mob against the modder that forces them to leave modding forever and abandon these multi-million downloads mods to dust. And curseforge has no way to stop this mob or clear the modder's name."

    Picture your favorite mods. Imagine this happens and now the owner won't ever come back due to this dangerous exploit being used against them. Now your mods are dead and the person's life is ruined.

    And this doesn't even touch on illegal projects that can be passed to others and reported to athorities outside curseforge which can do massive damage to the person before curseforge moderators can say that the modder is innocent and how the owner system works under the hood.

    This exploit is a weapon. And the only reason it wasn't abused before was because people did not know it existed. Now that this feedback page exists and talk about this exploits is spreading in many discords, it is only a matter of time before it happens. God I hope I am wrong and that no one tries to ruin others like this but knowing the kinds of alts that people made to do slur-filled wither mods or hate speech filled mods to attack groups, it is going to happen if this exploit is not addressed.

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