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Palworld Mod Request: Giving Lucky Cremis Wings (read description for context)

I know this seems a bit of an obscure request, but there's a personal story behind this request. However, this personal reason is not the only reason why I want this mod. If you don't care about the context and just want to see the specifics of the request, you can skip past the next paragraph.

I'm playing in a multiplayer game of Palworld with some of my friends and we each decided to have a theme for our teams. So, one person has a dark team, one person has a dragon team, etc. For me, I decided to make a bird team, and since there is no bird/flying type in this game, I'm just choosing what goes on my team based on appearance. But, very early into the game, I found a lucky Cremis that has Dark Laser and what appears to be good stats. So, I was in a bit of a conundrum since I wanted to keep the team theme, but I also wanted to keep this lucky find on my team. And that's why I'm requesting this, so I can have this theme carry on to Cremis. Plus, even outside of this singular world, I think it would be cool to have since it gives the lucky form something unique about it visually which I think this game is lacking on a bit at the moment.

For this mod, I would like to make it so the lucky form of Cremis has wings. But to be more specific, I would like the wings to match its wool color. I don't care if the model of the wings are custom-made or taken from another Pal's model and re-colored. I also don't care about animation changes for Cremis that much, but if you need or would like to change animations slightly or add some animations to the wings themselves to make it look more natural, I'm good with that as well. This is not a request for changing Cremis' stats or skill, this is just involving a model change for the lucky form only (if possible). Thank you for reading, and please respond if you're considering doing this for me, have any questions, or need any clarifications.

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  • Feb 27 2024
  • Unrelated to CurseForge
  • Feb 28, 2024

    Admin response

    Hello, this is unrelated to CurseForge. We recommend visiting our Discord community and putting your mod idea in the mod-ideas channel.

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