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Authors Portal Dashboard overhaul suggestions

I would just like to add a list of simple UI changes to the Authors Portal dashboard that I, if Ruler of CurseForge for a day, would have the IT team make.

1) The fake bar graph icon pretending to be a statistics is wasted space. I'm sorry. It's a nice pabulum filler but it has to go.

  • A) For users without access to the Statistics page, give an indication of how many more reward points are required to meet the threshold (EG: 99/300), add a link to the FAQ section about reaching that point and how to obtain rewards through the Rewards Store.

  • B) For users with access, show a small snapshot of the last (x timeframe set by user from dropdown, ex: 2 weeks, 3 months, etc) by total downloads, projected revenue or other datum. Helpful at a glance stuff as I'm logging in. The Statistics page has plenty of good data but I'm looking for "Apple iOS 17 Widget" stuff. ;)

2) Projects box is good but could be better

Really this section just needs some kind of ticker showing the status of the last few projects. EG: "Project-Foo = Approved / Project-Foo-iii = Rejected"; rotate through the most recent 1-5 status changes (if any). The page really feels motionless and this could be an easy way to make it feel more active and lively.

3) Rewards store landing page is too cluttered, please hide the options under drop-down menus

This quirk could be solved with simple UI tweak to the page layout, as creators we should see collapsed rows listing the various services (Paypal, Amazon by country) and should click the row to drop down into the current listing formats (or a new style). Frees up space visually and makes it easier to understand at a glance.

Trying to find Paypal under 6 rows of 4-5 values of Amazon Gift Card that I will never be able to use is not helpful. As it stands, the rows are displayed fully by default and are too tall (even on 1080P, 90% zoom) to find Paypal at a glance.

4) New section: Hall of Fame / High Score wall
Creators need to be able to see at a glance their top (x) downloads. 5/10/20, keep it simple but keep it informative. Base this on downloads/all time or downloads/past 30 days. This is good information for creators to have and if you game-ify it, creators will be more likely to publish more creations, thus driving more ad revenue and more potential userbase growth.

Hope you'll take these under good faith, and with my sincerest thanks :)

  • R Slutzky
  • Sep 3 2023
  • Future consideration
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