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Offline play for modpacks Merged

Just make it so that people without much internet can still play offline modpacks

  • Guest
  • Jul 10 2022
  • Planned
  • Black Photon commented
    18 Dec, 2022 03:35pm

    There's quite a few ideas on this topic and only some have been merged - it seems to be a very common request/feature.

    I've heard the reason for not doing it before this is because of advertising on the page, which won't generate revenue otherwise, but it's quite harmful to the reputation of the service to simply not work without any explaination. If not adding offline support is intentional, it should say so outright.

    Though I also believe that it's not neccesarily in Overwolf's best interest to ban it at all. If the service doesn't work offline, users may be tempted to use a different launcher, or bypass the Curseforge launcher altogether. Then, even when they do have WiFi, they may already be in the habit of using an alternative that always works. Meanwhile while some players will likely use offline access to bypass the advertisment system, it is likely a small enough percentage that it doesn't affect revenue that much.