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QuiltMC Support

QuiltMC (or just Quilt) is a relatively new Minecraft mod-loader project that aims to learn from the mistakes made by other mod-loader projects in that sphere. It's just entering beta now, and it already has a following - it'd be nice to see support for it both on the CurseForge site and the CurseForge Launcher.

It's worth noting that Quilt support both Fabric and Quilt mods initially, so ideally the launcher would allow users to install both to their instances.

Relevant links:

Adding Quilt support should be very similar to adding Fabric support, both for the site and launcher. Of course, if the CF engineers need any help, the Quilt developers are quite happy to do so!

  • Gareth Coles
  • Apr 18 2022
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  • Guest commented
    11 Aug 06:42pm

    There's no point - any power that CurseForge has will be exploited for profit at the expense of users. Instead of seeking CurseForge support, permit an alternative hosting platform for third-party mod loaders. Most modders actually care about the game, in contrast to CurseForge.

  • Guest commented
    30 May 04:23pm
    Can we get forge support eventually
  • Guest commented
    19 May 01:07am

    plss add

  • Game Buster commented
    16 May 04:15pm

    There were no mistakes made.

  • nicky falconer commented
    16 May 04:14am

    it be best idea for quilt to be add it as it add more ways to make modpack and mods as well as it can use the over mods like fabric mods but wo know it well make forge mods work as well in time but that onle as ae the guy r dowe for it XD

  • Guest commented
    15 May 12:52am


  • Guest commented
    1 May 12:35am


  • Guest commented
    23 Apr 07:13am
    Worth it, please do this, fabulous modloader!
  • Lily Dyer commented
    23 Apr 12:32am

    I also support adding this. Quilt is a great project and I'm working on porting all of my mods to it (Arcanus, Cammie's Wearable Backpacks, Hookshot, and Icarus just to name a few)!

    Just please don't forget that Quilt can run Fabric mods as well when adding the mods it can access, CurseForge/Overwolf.

  • Guest commented
    22 Apr 03:08am

    Im upvoting. I love the quilt project

  • Bubblie Bubbles commented
    21 Apr 11:08pm

    Very cool loader please support thank you

  • jones magic commented
    21 Apr 11:07pm

    Just do it! Got my support behind Quilt

  • Gareth Coles commented
    21 Apr 11:58am
    Genuine question, this just looks to split the community even more and as far as I can tell you hard depend on fabric anyway so what's the point?

    We don't actually hard-depend on Fabric, but we do fork its projects. Quilt is a project that builds upon Fabric's foundations, in order to address the social, technical and governmental issues there. We support Fabric mods as long as it's reasonable to do so, but Quilt has its own mods and additional tooling and APIs.

    Long-term, there are a lot of goals that will benefit the user as well as the developer - automatic QSL module downloading, a vastly improved installation experience and error display system, an API that reaches wider and provides things that the community needs (but Fabric doesn't want to provide), a bytecode manipulation system that will help keep mods compatible in situation where Fabric's Mixin approach alone doesn't, and so on.

    The community approach has always been a huge deal for Quilt - while Fabric brands itself as "community-driven", the truth is that it has a very opaque, top-down hierarchy that ultimately results in a platform that primarily serves the needs of its administration. Quilt uses a transparent, decentralized approach to project and community management, which means the community can get involved on major decisions and make their voices heard on anything they need to, and we can avoid the problems that come with a small group of people holding absolute power over the project.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to take a look over the site for more info, especially the "About" section.

  • Guest commented
    21 Apr 10:39am

    Genuine question, this just looks to split the community even more and as far as I can tell you hard depend on fabric anyway so what's the point?

    This just seems like lets make a modloader for the sakes of making a modloader

  • Gareth Coles commented
    20 Apr 09:08pm

    Thanks for over 100 votes already!

  • H H commented
    20 Apr 01:06pm
    Yep! Would be great.
  • Exo Plant commented
    19 Apr 08:00am

    Yes, CF, adding this would be your next step being a good site

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr 06:24am

    Too Busy Bikeshedding logos then completing the modloader

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr 06:17am

    just a fabric derivative. Not worth it.

  • Guest commented
    18 Apr 11:40pm

    um new loader yes please

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