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Support Linux for Curseforge Launcher

Many many linux users play Minecraft, not only cause it's great but because there aren't many excellent games that support Linux. I'm trying to download RLCraft 2.9 today but being unable to load the Curseforge launcher is making this difficult. Please allow us to continue playing great mods by letting us use the Curseforge Launcher.

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  • Dec 26 2021
  • Planned
  • Jan 5, 2023

    Admin response

    We do not have a set date yet but we do plan to add support for Linux, thanks for writing and voting!

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  • Lusamine Estácio commented
    8 Feb 06:24pm

    CurseForge team i hope you get on this soon and when you do. From one coder to the next. I wish you luck and few bugs. <3

  • Hilton Silva commented
    8 Jan 02:49am

    We have any alternatives to download curse modded for?

  • Lily Burks commented
    5 Jan 08:26pm

    with the steam deck being a thing you better support it sooner rather later

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