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Add an option to divide Content searches into pages and one for Content per page.

When I am scrolling through mods, on the CurseForge app, the longer I scroll, the more the app takes time to load new entries, this means that if I am several hundred mods down, not only is the scroll too small to really use, the page lags more and more, on the website mods are sorted into pages, either the app should be consistent to the website in a sense, or there should be an option to toggle this.

Not only does this make searching through mods on the app easier, it makes it faster, as well as allows the user to remember what page/where they were when searching previously, rather than having to search through mods they have already seen or possibly downloaded.

To implement this, an option could be added to decide if the mod list is divided into pages or not, as well as an option for how many mods per page. On the website there is 1053 pages of mods as of writing, and it displays 20 mods per page, so on the App the default can be 20 mods per page, but an option to increase that number, or do away with pages, means everyone can customise the app to their preferences.

  • Zah Waruigi
  • Mar 21 2021
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