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Show changelog when updating

When updating an addon it is tedious to check the changelog.

Currently, what is needed to see it:

1. Click the addon

2. Wait until the addon's page loads

3. Click Changelog

4. After reading the changelog you need to press "Back" to return

This becomes even worse when you need to update several addons.

I suggest a UI component, that will contain a changelog. Each addon in the list will have its own component. This can be implemented as a button "Changelog" - the closable window opens when pressing it. Or it can be a closable popup/modal when hovering for some time over the version field. The window will contain a scrollable text with the sought changelog.

You can go further and provide a diff of a changelog. E.g., if a person has version 1.1 and the addon is now version 1.3, the component shows changes for versions 1.2 and 1.3, but does not show for version 1.0. This will also remove the need of remembering your original version when checking a changelog.

Additionally, from my own behavior I know that I often just press the button "Update all". But after pressing it there is a downtime and I have a thought in my mind "wish I could know what I am getting". Therefore, as another QOL improvement there, it would be nice to have a component which shows a collected changelog of all updating/recently updated addons when pressing "Update all". Again, it can be accessed through a button or closable popup shown automatically after pressing.

This is suggested looking on WoW addons. But it should be possible to do this for other games as well if they have changelogs as well.

Thank you.

  • dartweder7
  • Feb 20 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Fireztonez Epixcraft commented
    17 Jun, 2021 02:13am

    Mmmmh the screenshot placed on the message have not been sent, so here's the 3 screenshots

  • Fireztonez Epixcraft commented
    17 Jun, 2021 02:10am

    When you look for updating a mod, you should always look the changelogs for the version you want to installed before, question to make sure the update will not break anything. The way the CurseApp work right now, you have a Changelog tabs for the mod, where you can read a changelog, but you cannot know really (Unless the dev write directly in is changelog, this changelog is for what version). For what I see, the app always show the changelog for the latest Release version (But a sometimes lot of time it can be necessary to install an Beta or even an Alpha version of a mod during the developpment, so my profile is always in "Preferred Release type: Alpha").

    I can show the issue with hwo it is implemented right now with somes screenshot:

    So here a good example, I see an update there for the mod "Engineer's Decor", So I click on the mod name and go to the Changelog tab and here what I can see:

    So like you can see, the update who the Launcher will installed is the "engineersdecor-1.16.4-1.1.14-b3.jar", but the change I can see is from the version 1.1.3 only (A big thank's to the author, how take time to put changelogs Lines for all version precedent version and say directly for what version is each lines...). Now if we go on the Curse Website and go look the changelog for the version I want to installed, here's what I can see:

    So like you can see this is totally different, so that's a major issue right now, making the Changelog tab completly useless. Sincerely I really hope that this problem will be fixed quickly because currently it makes the creation of modpack even more complicated and painfull than what it was before...

    Back on the old CurseForge app, we can look directly the changelog for the update shown in the mod-list in 1 click. Right now there have no-more that update, so we always need to go look on the website mod page question to look the changelogs for each specific versions. This is really annoying to have to do that each time and a big waste of time, when you have to look for like 10 or 20 mods...

  • dartweder7 commented
    21 Feb, 2021 11:15am

    Thank you! I'm here if anything.

    The only complication from the development perspective I can think of: there seems to be no strict format for an addon's versions. So it is possible that there will be versions like 1.2-alpha and 1.2-beta or something worse. It would be better to somehow check all possible kinds of version string first. And also handle the case when a version was not recognized.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    21 Feb, 2021 09:13am

    That's a sweet suggestion! thanks, logging in :)

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