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dump overwolf

I don't like the overwolf client. it is buggy and slow. I liked the old curseforge app better. Please make a lightweight curseforge lite that people can download and use instead of the bulky and system intensive overwolf app

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  • Jan 10 2021
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  • BellCube commented
    23 Jun, 2021 12:39pm

    It's been 6 months, but I feel the need to clarify a few things for you. Like Plankera Beast1 said, Overwolf is hardly a slowdown (if at all), even if it runs 24/7. While I personally had issues when moving Overwolf into oddball window sizes, I've since reported and had this issue fixed. I wouldn't call the CF application buggy or slow. If you find bugs in the application, please, don't refrain from reporting them. If the application is THAT slow, then I have to question how you meet the minimum specs to play any of the games the CF app supports.

    CurseForge is a modern application, and like every modern application, is programmed via a programming language. Not even Microsoft develops Windows in binary CPU instructions. Because Overwolf has their own, simple-to-use, HTML (website code)-based programming language, that's what they use. Overwolf already bought Twitch, give them some rest. Changing to a language like, say, C++ would drastically increase development times and would require a re-write of the entire CurseForge application.

    And for those of you calling Overwolf "bloatware," just be aware that you can easily tune Overwolf to launch and close with the CurseForge application, as I have done. Overwolf REALLY allows for the crazy-fast development times that would've taken the Twitch teams many times longer, assuming they had the same dedication the Overwolf-CF team does (which they did NOT). Honestly, would you rather have the Twitch launcher or Overwolf's? Personally, I'll take Overwolf for the massive lack of bloat compared to Twitch, let alone everything else they've added as of late.

  • Plankera Beast1 commented
    10 Jan, 2021 01:25am

    I've had no slowdowns of my overall computer performance after installing Overwolf and Curseforge, and I don't have the fastest laptop in the world. Your computer must either be really old or slow.