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The ability to download mods on the app

It would just be logical to add the ability to download mods by themselves instead of modpacks for the app.

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  • Jan 5 2021
  • Not planned
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    Team Overwolf commented
    24 Mar 06:45am

    Minecraft requires specific modloading to enjoy in-game mods.
    Mod Management without modloading via Modpacks is akin to browsing, filtering and downloading from the CurseForge website, which is available for you.

    As Zwamdurkel mentioned, creating your own profile and assigning the modloader is simple using the app.

  • Zwamdurkel commented
    7 Jan 01:44pm

    If you make a custom profile you can download whichever combination of individual mods you want by pressing "Add More Content". I personally can't imagine a case where you'd want to download mods and not put them in a profile. Of course, more features are always welcome :)