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Ability to share private packs with other users

Add ability to share private packs with other users such as friends through the app without having to publish it to the website and have it approved for public viewing.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Planned
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  • Yamza commented
    28 Mar 05:16pm

    How would you determine who is a friend? And how do you prevent people from using this to bypass moderation and just be like "add me on CF and you can download my pack. No malware. Promise! -winkey face-".

  • Guest commented
    27 Feb 01:50am

    "For a project to be hosted on CF, it needs to pass moderation, which defeats the idea of a private pack."

    All you need to do is allow people to upload packs with a "friends only" tag or similar that does not require moderator approval, as it is not visible to the public.
    If the pack creator later decided to make it public,that is when it should go through that process.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    31 Jan 09:05am

    Good news! We will be working on this item and share updates as we progress with the functionality and UI.

  • Ethan Pendergraft commented
    11 Aug, 2021 07:38pm

    This does not need to be a new service. Just let us add profiles via URL, then server owners can generate and host the profiles themselves as long as the launcher checks for updates on startup.

    Right now, if I update my server, I have to release a new profile. There is currently no way to update an existing profile with the contents of the new one. Which forces my players to to add a new profile and copy a bunch of files over from the old one. This is a terrible user experience and is causing me and my players to dislike the CurseForge launcher.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    29 Mar, 2021 08:24am

    Understood, we are considering this for the future and will look how to resolve this from the platform perspective as well.

  • Leeon Pezok Jr commented
    24 Mar, 2021 09:01pm

    Export/Import does NOT solve this, for reasons that have already been discussed in the comments here. It's only a partial solution, useful for initial sharing only, and nearly useless for anything past that.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    24 Mar, 2021 10:55am

    Export/Import solves this user case. For a project to be hosted on CF, it needs to pass moderation, which defeats the idea of a private pack.

    We will consider this for the future, perhaps as a new service.

  • Guest commented
    19 Mar, 2021 01:30am

    The only launcher I've ever seen to support this was Technic, and I was the one that suggested that idea to them. I'd love to see the same feature in Technic, as I frequently run a custom modpack for a private server with a handful of friends. Importing/exporting works, but is kludgy and I'd rather be able to just send one link to everyone and then push updates automatically, which the CurseForge stuff already supports.

  • Leeon Pezok Jr commented
    4 Jul, 2020 03:33am

    As someone who's actually done that, it's awful and not worth doing if you ever plan on updating your mod selection. You have to import as a new profile every single time you need to update anything in it, which is tedious and without additional mods, requires you to reconfigure things every single time.

  • Zwamdurkel commented
    3 Jul, 2020 05:02pm

    You can already basically do this by exporting the pack and then importing it on another client. This feature is a bit "hidden" (it's actually right there when you make a pack, but hard to notice) so they could make it a bit easier to find.

  • Kree Zuhl commented
    2 Jul, 2020 01:54pm

    actually all that had to ever be done here was to share the export with the friends. Not sure how a private pack page would be helpful to overwolf, because it would be private it is likely only a few players would ever see the page. The user probably wants the page visible only to friends. That greatly reduces revenue.

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