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automatic server pack generation

It would be great if there was a way to automatically create a server package from a playable modpack. My understanding is that there is a procedure for doing this manually, and if it is static and only version dependent, I don't see why this could not just be a button.

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  • Dec 30 2020
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  • Zwamdurkel commented
    7 Jan 02:19pm

    It would be a bit tricky to automate. If you're making server files, you usually leave out client-only mods. Curseforge doesn't know which mods are client-only. Also, some modpack makers like to change config settings for their server files, or include recommended startup jvm arguments. They sometimes even include additional mods that are server-only. If you are a bit skilled in making modpacks, making server files yourself is really easy. I do agree, however, that this would be a nice feature.