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Add Fabric support for Minecraft Mods

A great part of minecraft's modloaders has been split at version 1.14, between Forge and Fabric. The two loaders are incompatible, and at the current state, a custom mod is required to switch from Forge to Fabric for a modpack. Also, making the difference between forge and fabric mods are necessary, as currently, only a caregory, barely visible on the left allows users to see if it's a fabric mod or a forge one. A piece of documentation telling the difference wetween the two are also recommended to prevent a harassing for fabric modders to port their mods to forge and vice versa ;)

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
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  • Henry Loenwind commented
    24 Nov 06:35pm

    Simply merge the modloader with the Minecraft version number. "mc 1.15 fabric" and "mc 1.15 forge" are about as interchangeable as "mc 1.15" and "mc 1.7.10"...

  • Cvoid W commented
    11 Oct 12:32am

    This feature should be made keeping in mind that there are projects working on getting fabric mods to be loadable in forge instances.

  • Alex K commented
    8 Aug 08:59pm

    Phillip M. there is this crazy thing called a 'typo' where someone hits a key that is not the correct key.

  • Lyra Shillabeer commented
    6 Aug 04:53pm

    Having a checkbox to switch between forge and fabric mods would be incredible. When building a modpack on fabric it's been annoying not being able to use the proper category system since I can only use the fabric one

    When building a forge modpack there is no way to filter fabric mods, so I often ended up accidentally including fabric mods in it which was just an extra level of hassle

  • Kree Zuhl commented
    6 Aug 12:10pm

    I suggest looking at (GDL) as it discerns between Forge and Fabric mods. Indicating to me that enough information exists in the api to allow it to do that. Meaning that new launcher should be able to do it too.

    Perhaps it might be a good idea to contribute to other launcher repositories, they can work on experimental features and when those features become mature, you pull them into the main launcher, your launcher.

    Also you're a large company and will not likely have a fast turn around in your dev cycle, so you can encourage players that want bleeding edge to try the other guys. The vast majority will stay with the status quo.

  • jack west commented
    29 Jul 05:41pm

    Phillip, Stfu. You can understand the post. Its just a typo.

  • Guest commented
    22 Jul 04:27pm

    I agree I was about to suggest this idea too!

  • Phillip M. commented
    22 Jul 01:49pm

    y'all should really proofread your ideas for spelling before you post them. "caregory", "wetween"?

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