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Support for Optifine

The Twitch/Curseforge app did not allow for modpacks to contain the optifine mod as it is only avalible for download on It would be great if there could be proper incorperation of Optifine while still allowing the creator to make money off it.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Aug 19, 2020

    Admin response

    We welcome openly any creator to join CurseForge as home for their mods.
    As mentioned in the comments, mods must receive permission to be included in modpacks and we will continue to honour Optifine's creator (and others) choice.

    We do plan on reaching out and keeping in touch with various creators currently not on CurseForge to discuss collaborative options.

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  • Seth Rosenfeld commented
    22 Aug 08:04pm

    Work out a deal with the Optifine developers. You want them in the ecosystem and I am willing to bet there are negotiable terms if you discuss.

  • Justin White commented
    6 Aug 08:19pm

    The choice of where a mod is hosted is made by the author of the mod. Unless the Optifine developer were to put their mod on Curseforge themselves, it's not going to be available through the Curseforge app.

  • Jamie commented
    4 Jul 11:59pm

    this would be nice however the major limitation is the optifine creator who doesn’t allow optifine to be included in mod packs without implicit permission

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