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Easily add more content to existing packs

There have been so many mod packs that I love and want to play but i would like to add extra mods to it to make it even better. I know you can throw them into the folder but I feel it would be nicer if there was a "Add more content" button like there is when you make your own pack.

Edit: I dont know if this is the right category but imma post it here anyways.

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  • Dec 15 2020
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    Team Overwolf commented
    17 Dec, 2020 03:42pm

    'How to Customize Minecraft Modpacks'After you've downloaded a Modpack you would like to customize, click on it from My Modpacks tab, click the contextual menu and choose 'profile options'.

    click on the checkbox under content management and click 'done'.You will now see an Add More Content button appear, and you will also be able to toggle off and on mods from the 'installed mods' tab

    .Enjoy your customized experience!