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More RAM and roll menu for it

The cap of 12 Giga is a bit annoying, I spent money to have more RAM on my pc and I can't use it. And if we should have a roll menu with round numbers.

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  • Dec 14 2020
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  • hevensdragon commented
    1 Apr 08:43am

    yeah its so dumb, several of my mod packs want more than 12. was having tons of issues of skips and what not in solo with it at that, found a temp way to go past the 12gb cap, but its a royal pain and has to be redone every time i boot minecraft and gave it 15, runs like melted butter now. now many medium to large packs need more than 12gb of ram, so why the annoying cap?

    also zwamdurkel, yeah you just dont know what your talking about, there is a massive increase to fps and no more constant soft freezing all the time. its a clearly visible performance increase and needed for many of the packs curseforge hosts. its a massive oversite and makes the curseforge extremely frustrating to use, your far better off only using it to install mods and then using a different launcher.

    want to put this to the test here is a annoying but functional way to bypass the ram cap, sadly you have to do it every time you boot minecraft other wise it would be a fix. so click play on the modpack on the curseforge client, this will open the minecraft launcher. click installations, the three dots you get when hovering over a profile to open the dropdown tab. click edit on the tab, then more options. under jvm argument assuming you set ram to the max (because why wouldn't you if your trying to go above the cap) you should see the first bit as) "-Xmx12288m" simply erase the numbers and put in the desired amount. (remember that 15gb is 15000, and 16gb is 16000, so basically remember the three "0"s.

  • Zwamdurkel commented
    7 Jan 02:47pm

    They probably do this because more than 12GB won't give you better performance. If you have money to spend on ram, invest in a better cpu or gpu instead. the number in the slider is actually somewhat rounded to nice numbers. (1024MB = 1GB)