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Interface layout


When looking at my modpack I have only 2 lines readable - can you make headlines thinner, and move the advertisements to a separate window, which cannot be closed without closing the launcher?

On the "Add more content" page, after looking at a mod, and going back to the list, it automatically jumps back at the start of the modlist - I would prefer if it would remember the position where the last mod was when I've clicked into it to see the details:

Plus it would be a boon if the forward/backward browser keys could be used to navigate to the next/previous levels of the information.

A short example is when I click to "Add more content", then click on a mod, then click on "versions", then click on "changelogs", if I use the back key it would send me one level up to the "Add more content".

Plus after browsing thru some mods there, I couldn't use the top-right X to exit back to the modpack - it keeps reverting between the browse mods and the last mod seen screens.

Keep up the good work!

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  • Dec 11 2020
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