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Favourite tabs and easy favourite mod management

Make it so that you can log into overwolf with your twitch (curseforge website account), and any mod that you Favourite on the curseforge website, will appear on a new tab "Favourites" in the overwolf app (you'd be able to favourite mods in the app too) and there'd be a tab, with different sections for different version. then inside those versions you can sort mods yourself by magic, exploration, tech etc. You'd also be able to click a button to "install all to .... modpack instance" of that folder of favourite mods.

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  • Dec 11 2020
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    17 Dec, 2020 07:40am

    Just came to suggest the same! A simple "favorite" so you can decide what pack to download later without needing to remember all the names. Perhaps with a comparability choice? To see what mods they have in common and not?
    (From Sweden, maybe some spelling/grammar mistakes!)