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World of warcraft classic/retail addons overwriting each version incorrectly

With both world of warcraft classic and wow retail installed, there is a major issue whereany time you start up world of warcraft with curseforge also currently running but a different version of WoW selected on curseforge (IE start up wow classic, but have wow retail selected on curseforge), Curseforge will REPLACE the correct addon for the game you are starting up with the INCORRECT addon for the version you're selecting on Curse Forge (IE when you start up wow classic, it will replace your weakauras classic with weakauras retail).
Not only does it do this, but if you see the error triangle flag and right click "reinstall", it does not reinstall the right addon.

The only solution is to delete and install the addon fresh, and Curseforge then completely deletes your addon settings

This is reproducible 100% of the time and happens any time I boot up the game in the way I described.

It seems like the addons that get replaced are ones that exist in both versions of world of warcraft - IE DBM, Weakauras, details damage meter, etc

Additionally, on a less frequent basis curse forge will completely copy over ALL addons from one version of world of warcraft to the other version, and will randomly delete/remove some addons from either.

This is incredibly frustrating and as much of it can be reproduced easily should be fixed before I am forced to use a different addon manager.

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  • Dec 6 2020
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