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Remove the ads.

Twitch never had ads for a reason, and it seems you guys don't care. Not even Technic has mods, and it's more outdated than using Teamspeak instead of Discord. Just get rid of em. If we want to support creators, we can donate to them.

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  • Dec 5 2020
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  • Hyea Rwright commented
    30 Mar 01:32am

    MultiMC has no embedded advertisements, no featured games on startup, no popups and just lets you start playing modded Minecrart. Overwolf with Curseforge with ads is bloatware. Modders will look elsewhere to share what they create when "just add ads" monetization continues.

  • Guest commented
    24 Dec, 2020 05:50am

    Twitch app got no adds, I remember that a friend from a guild long time ago said, lets move from the current addons site to "" so we did, then the Twitch app got the downloads and that was cool, but then you switch to a new app with adds, I mean if u want money stay on Twitch and ask for subscriptions and let ppl like naldopa Zombie pay for his and he can invite more people paying more account, he sounds rich I think....

  • naldopa ZOMBIE commented
    13 Dec, 2020 01:14am
    Do you pay their bills? So just don't question this unless you want to pay monthly