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Let us download e.g. 1.16.3 mods for 1.16.4

1.16.3 mods are almost always compatible with 1.16.4. We should have some sort of option to download mods even to a different MC version through the app

(like pick e.g., pick mod versions to browse)

(and they should be visible in the mod list, unlike now...)

  • Its a name
  • Dec 2 2020
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  • NC PhoeNyx commented
    21 Dec, 2020 11:26am

    I think this may be worded better like this:

    Many mods have cross-version compatibility, like Its a name already said. This, however, is not restricted to only the game versions, which, indeed, are an issue not being able to pick, but also Forge-Fabric duo mods. Take for example the mod "Charm" ( This mod is being developed for BOTH Forge and Fabric, but the Curseforge App lets us only download the latest uploaded version. In my modpack, I want to use the mod Charm, but until the next forge version of that mod comes out, I can´t - because the latest one currently is on fabric and I cannot choose to use the other version that would work.