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Remove the app

So my question is why in the name of several deities does this godforsake app exist!

I mean for goodness sake there is absolutely no use of a seperate app, this app only increases the amount of background apps on the users PC and further complicates the installation of mods/addons. Moving this function away from twitch and onto a new app is hurtfull in many ways...

The fact that the app also uses overwolf, yet another background app to keep track of. The fact that ads will be run on the app itself is also deeply worring as is the fact that this inconvinence can be removed, for a fee...

All in all this transition from twitch is obviously a greedy and narrowminded decision and one that i aswell as many others won't stand for.

A concerned customer

PS: Fuck Bezos you bald fuckwit

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  • Dec 1 2020
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  • Guest commented
    27 Feb 07:51pm

    And most people don't use twitch idiot

  • Guest commented
    27 Feb 07:50pm

    And you can pin the application to the task bar so you don't have overwolf running you "fuckwit"

  • Guest commented
    27 Feb 07:50pm

    It's easier to navigate and use for modpacks. You can instantly install a mod and it goes straight into a modpack, and if you wanna get multiple at once, other people make them and you can start the modpacks others create on the app with out wasting time going to the desktop or whatever and manually open minecraft.